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I had the pleasure of working with Sakshi Talwar, CEO of Rugs and Beyond in 2020 during the COVID 19 pandemic. I had to order the carpets remotely and Sakshi was immensely helpful with her advice and recommendations. The service at Rugs and Beyond was exemplary and I was thrilled to see the beautiful carpets when they finally arrived. They were well-packed and the quality is excellent, the whole ordering and buying process was smooth and timely. Thank you Sakshi and your colleagues!
by Amrita Narayanan
Recently received my beautiful silk rug. Very happy with the quality of the rug and the service that YAK provided me with. I have very happy to recommend them and will definitely be buying again.
by Talal Dalloul
“My experience with YAK is beyond words. I have been a regular client for almost 2 decades and I am proud to say that this is the best place to buy handmade rugs for your home or office. I was amazed by their prompt delivery of the shipment and excellent service. The last time I purchased Kashmir silk rugs from the store were quite extraordinary because of which all my relatives and friends would ask where I have bought it from. Not to forget, Mr. Talwar is a very interesting man and I have thoroughly enjoyed all of cups of coffee and cake with him.”
by Mark Brown
“It was my first time in India in 2007 when I went rug hunting for my living room back home in Lyon, France. On my expedition to find the best one, I came across YAK carpets where my education of different kind of rugs began. Mr. Talwar had the expertise in showing me the real difference between pure and artificial silk without which I would have never known. I ended up purchasing the highest quality of handmade Kashmir silk with Kumbh design and was nothing less than a satisfied client. I hope to come back soon with many more interesting experiences at YAK.
by Elizabeth Rowling
“Being a Delhite I thought I knew my way around to purchase rugs for my newly built farmhouse. I was wrong until I found YAK through their website and at the same time being highly recommended by a dear friend who bought an entire collection of wool and silk rugs for her residence. I knew I was at the right place when I found that YAK’s prices were much less than most of the retail stores and government emporiums plus the quality were also much superior. Since then, a lot of my friends and relatives have purchased beautiful carpets from no place other than YAK itself”
by Nita Mehra
“I visited YAK at their expo in Midrand last year and was very impressed with their collection. Being an interior designer, I have ordered several handmade woolen rugs for my clients and continue to do so. All I have to say is that you know you are in good hands once you are at YAK for your rugs”
by Jessica Cote
“I am very delighted to experience YAK’s new venture of having its exclusive rugs online. I visited YAK in March 2009 and bought beautiful Kilims and Afghans for my house. Till date, every time I have guests over; other than the food I cook, they also appreciate my lovely rugs spread all over the house. Thanks to YAK.”
by Rachael Falk

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  • Spinning & Carding Process Spinning & Carding
  • Dyeing the Wool Process Dyeing the Wool
  • Knotting ProcessKnotting
  • Trimming the Rug ProcessTrimming the Rug
  • Washing the Rug ProcessWashing the Rug
  • Ready RugReady Rug
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