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FAQ Rugs

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I am not sure if i can buy Rugs online without touching and feeling the same. Please help.
Buying a rug online can surely be a daunting task since it involves a bit of investment. We assist our customers in every possible way to make the entire process seamless. If you like a particular rug, and would like to see additional photos of the same, please email us at contact@rugsandbeyond.com with the link of the rug and any more information that you might require. Additionally, we can also schedule a video call if you would like to see the rug in Real time.
I like this particular rug, but it is out of stock on your website. When will it be in stock?
All our rugs are one of a kind which is why each piece is exclusive. It is unlikely that we shall get the exact same rug back in stock anytime soon since it takes minimum 4-6 months for our weavers to make a single rug by hand. However, please check back with us with the link or SKU of the rug and we can surely find a similar rug for you from our huge inventory of fine rugs and carpets.
Is it advisable to buy artificial silk carpets?
Many of the customers are unable to differentiate between pure and artificial silk due to which they are cheated and end up paying much more .We at YAK educate our customers and there is no pressure for buying unlike in other stores. Moreover buying artificial silk can prove to be very hazardous as it catches fire easily, thereby endangering your life. Also pure silk is better in quality and more durable.
Is it advisable to buy Machine Made Carpets?
We are a handmade rug company and don't really recommend buying machine made due to a number of reasons. Machine made rugs are not long-lasting, they start smelling after sometime due to polypropylene and chemicals used in it. Moreover, the craftsmanship you can find in handmade rugs is unparalleled and cannot be found in machine made rugs. Lastly, machine made rugs are not washable.
How do I know that the products are authentic?
All our products displayed online are 100% authentic. Most of our wool rugs are made of blended New Zealand wool and top quality Indian wool and as far as silk rugs are concerned, our silk is from China. Please watch our video on YouTube in order to distinguish between pure and artificial silk. We also provide a "Certificate of Authenticity" along with each order, stating all details.
Are the colors accurate as shown in the picture?
While we have made every effort to get our products clicked in the highest resolution and strive to provide the most accurate images of our products, there could be a slight difference in the website images and real rug due to slight variation in different monitors or screen display. However, please do not hesitate to request for additional photos or videos of any rug you like before placing an order.
What if I'm not sure about the size/design of the rug I want to buy?
In case you are not sure about the size or design of the rug you would like to buy, please email us at contact@rugsandbeyond.com and our team shall make every effort to understand your requirements. Once you are sure, you can browse through our online collection as per your requirement and place an order. We can also email you options as per your rug specifications.
Why are our prices lesser than those of other places?
Since we manufacture our own rugs and carpets and our pieces are directly from the Source, our prices are much less than those of other stores. Moreover, all our rugs are "one of a Kind" and most likely such rugs will not be available elsewhere since each piece is handcrafted by our Master Weavers and is One of a Kind.

Custom Order Rugs

Do you undertake Custom orders for rugs?
Yes, we do undertake custom orders for rugs as per clients specifications. We take orders for a single rug or more. There is no Minimum order quantity.
How does the process work?
Once we decide on the colors, design, pattern, size and material of the rug to be made, we shall send you a CAD design of the rug. Upon your approval, we shall begin manufacturing your rug while keeping you updated on its progress from time to time till its ready.
Can you send us a sample for quality purposes before placing a Custom order rug?
Yes, we can send you a sample for quality purposes to touch and feel the quality of a rug before undertaking a custom order. If you would like a sample to be made as per your design and colors, we can do that as well. Please contact us for more information about Custom order rugs.
Can I order a Custom Rug as per any existing rug on your website?
Absolutely. If you like a particular rug and would like us to make the same as per the size you require, we can surely make the same for you. Since all our rugs are handmade, there could be a slight difference in colors and pattern. However, before we begin manufacturing your order, we shall send you a CAD design for approval and the rug will be made exactly as the approved CAD design.

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How long does it take to make a Handcrafted Carpet?
Making a high quality handcrafted carpet can take months and at times, years. The process and time taken to weave a rug by hand depends on several factors like size, complexity of design, dying the colors and material, intricacy of craftsmanship, knots etc. On an average, a medium size handknotted carpet takes anywhere between 3-5 months.
Do the colors of a Rug fade over time?
Most Rugs have fast colors and we recommend not exposing these handcrafted rugs directly in sunlight while using or cleaning these rugs. Some carpets that have chemcial dyes do tend to fade after a long period of time. However, the fading of colors, wear and tear etc. usually depends on the usage of a carpet, cleaning and maintenance process and traffic area.
What if I don't want fringes/tassles in a Rug?
If you prefer to have a rug without fringes/tassles, we can surely do the same. There are two ways to go about it. One is to remove the fringes completely and have the binding done for all four corners. The other way is to fold the fringes behind the rug and stitch the same in such a way that one can have the rug with fringes as well, anytime in the future.
Can I exchange my old carpet with a New one from Rugs and Beyond?
Unfortunately, at this time we do not buy old carpets in exchange for new ones. All our rugs are brand new and have never been used. However, if you would like to get rid of your old carpet, you can always email us images and details of the same. Should we have any buyer who might be interested in your rugs, we can surely let you know about it and take it from there.
Can I use these Carpets as a Wall-Hanging?
Given the fact that each carpet is One of a kind and primarily Art for the floor, some people do like to use these carpets as Wall-hangings. If you would like to do the same, please let us know and we can have our weavers make a cloth loop at the back of a carpet in such a way so that you may insert a rod and hang the carpet on a wall.
Is it okay to walk on a Carpet/Rug?
Carpets and Rugs are meant to be walked on. However, we do recommend bringing clean footweaver on the carpet. Some people do prefer to step/walk on a rug, barefeet which is absolutely fine. It is only a matter of preference. For high quality pure silk rugs, we recommend being careful with your footwear since these are exclusive carpets and it would be best to have such carpets in a room with low traffic.