Kilims are flat-woven carpets without piles or knots. Brightly coloured yarns with attractive designs are unique features of traditional kilims. These asymmetrical rugs are easy to maintain and ideal for high-activity areas. Indian and Turkish kilims are common choices for modern home decor. Rugs and Beyond provides handcrafted kilims at affordable prices.

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  1. All Over Barjesta Carpet
    5'.5 x 6'.5 ft / 167cm x 198cm
    Out of Stock
  2. Bakhtiari Kilim Carpet
    4'.4 X 6' ft / 134cm X 183cm
    Out of Stock
  3. Barjesta Kilim Area Rug
    5'.1 x 6'.2 ft / 155cm x 188cm
    Out of Stock
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