The newest collection of affordable, handcrafted Afghan rugs Get the best deals on handcrafted Afghan rugs at Rugs and Beyond in India. Unique, high-quality Afghan rug designs. We sell Afghan tribal rugs in a variety of styles and patterns. Shop the best carpets available here to complement your home's interior design and home decor. These unique hand-tufted rugs are inspired by a nomadic lifestyle and have natural colours. To create these colours, a variety of vegetables and other natural dyes are used. The majority of the patterns have traditional, geometric designs.

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  1. Afghan Bokhara Afghan Area Rug
    4'.3 x 5'.10 ft / 131cm x 155cm
    Out of Stock
  2. Afghani Uzbeki Area Rug
    5'.1 x 7'.0 ft / 155cm x 213cm
    Out of Stock
  3. Auburn Khan Mohammdi
    4'.2 X 6'.0 ft / 128cm x 183cm
    Out of Stock
  4. Baluch Afghani Area Rug
    5'.0 x 6'.10 ft / 152cm x 185cm
    Out of Stock
  5. Bijlik Bokhara Afghan Traditional Carpet
    2'.6 x 3'.10 ft / 76cm x 118cm
    Out of Stock
  6. Blue Kashan Afghan carpet
    7.7' x 7.2' ft / 235cm x 219cm
    Out of Stock
  7. Bokhara Rouge Afghan Area Rug
    2'.11 x 4'.3 ft / 89cm x 132cm
    Out of Stock
  8. Bokhara Tabriz Handmade Carpet
    4'.2 x 6'.3 ft / 128cm x 192cm
    Out of Stock
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