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Kashmir Silk

Kashmir Silk

Best Collection of Kashmir and Persian Silk Rugs at RugsandBeyond

Hand-knotted pure silk carpets are known for suppleness, softness and fine workmanship. The number of knots per square inch defines the quality of the carpet. These extremely fine rugs are made in a variety of exotic designs and have very intricate curvilinear patterns. Rugs and Beyond specialises in Luxury, One of a Kind, handmade Indian Silk Rugs and Carpets of fine quality to enhance the home decor and interior design of the space. It takes almost 6-12 months to weave each silk carpet with 2 weavers on an average depending upon the size, quality, number of knots per square inch, intricacy of craftsmanship and design pattern.
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All Over Bagh Floral Rug
4'.1 x 6'4 ft / 125cm x 195cm

Regular Price: $1,799.00

Special Price $1,499.00

Neel Medallion Kashan
3'.11 X 6'0 ft / 95cm X 183cm
Gold Chakra Ardabil
4'.2 X 6'.5 ft / 128cm X 198cm

Out of stock

Main Image
4'4 x 6'1 ft / 134cm x 186cm

Regular Price: $1,885.00

Special Price $1,450.00

Kashan Motifs
4'1 x 6'2 ft / 125cm x 189cm
Ivory Gumbh Kashan
4'.0 X 6'.10 ft / 121cm X 186cm

Out of stock

Laal Kashan Jhoomar
3'.10 X 6'.1 ft / 94cm X 186cm

Out of stock

Gumbadh Kashan
2'.5'' X 4' ft / 76cm x 122cm
Floral Gold Medallion
4'.2 X 6'.0 ft / 128cm x 183cm
Hamadan Manzoor
2'.0 x 3'.0 ft / 60cm x 90cm
Rust Silk Kashan
3'.11 X 5'.8 ft / 95cm X 177cm
Kashan Garden
4'2 x 5'9 ft / 128cm x 180cm
Main Image
5' x 7'.2 ft / 152cm x 219cm

Regular Price: $7,600.00

Special Price $3,876.00

All Over Rouge Fleur
3'.2 x 5'.4 ft / 98cm x 164cm

Out of stock

Hunting Tree Of Life
4'.0 X 6'.6 ft / 121cm X 201cm
Main Image
4'0 X 6'0 ft / 120cm x 180cm

Out of stock

Hunting Sultanate
2'.5 x 4'.0 ft / 76cm x 120cm
Victorian Medallion
3'11 x 5'11 ft / 95cm x 156cm
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Explore the luxury art of silk rugs and carpets and indulge yourself in the beautiful art of carpet making. Buy Silk Area Rugs online in hand-knotted silk rugs in the finest quality from Rugs and Beyond offering free shipping worldwide. Check out traditional area rugs online along with Persian silk rugs and experience the intricate craftsmanship of handmade in India rugs and carpets online. Hassle free shipping of Indian Carpets online including bedroom rugs, living room rugs and rugs for less. Buy traditional rugs online and Kashmir rugs at Rugs and Beyond at best rug prices and top quality area rugs for your home to enhance the look and feel of your living space. Rugs and beyond Kashmir silk carpets involve detailed workmanship and each rug is a piece of art. Indian Silk Carpets and Rugs are known for their high quality and suppleness. The beauty of each Silk Area rug is that each piece is one of a Kind and involves detailed craftsmanship.

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