The roof of your house is the most crucial structure since it keeps the rain out and the heat in. In the hotter climate, the roofs reflect the greater part of the sunlight and keep the insides significantly cooler than the outside. However, people love to ignore the roof since the inspection, repair, and replacement is a lot of work. It is much easier to be in denial than face the challenges immediately. Sadly, like most realities in life, ripped tiles, broken and shrunken shingles, and leaking insulations do not fade or fix themselves. So, the homeowners have to take notice when these problems become more prominent and start interfering with the regular life at home. To make repairing and renovation of your roof a little easy for you, we have compiled a list of five things you need to know.

Do a lot of research


In reality, roofing is a “once in thirty years” kind of job. It is easy for the companies to deliver quick service and skedaddle out of the scene. They don’t have to worry about customer satisfaction since the homeowners are not likely to call or need roofing services anytime soon. They don’t have to worry about customer retention. That is why you should be careful while choosing your roofing services.

Picking roofers out of Craig's List might not be the best decision of your life. You will save a few bucks, but you might end up paying in terms of the quality of service. Start by checking the websites of the renowned roofers in your locality. You can also check out a few expert DIY videos to gain an idea about the different procedures, as long as you do not take the onus in your own hands. They have testimonial pages and review sections for their old customers. Always read through the best and the worst reviews before agreeing on a price.

Getting rid of the old


Find out how many layers of asphalt shingles you can have on your roof. Your local homeowner’s association can help you with this information. Or, you can ask your local roofers. That is another advantage of hiring local talent. They will always be able to guide you with the latest updates on the regulations. Many places have the allowance for just two-layers of asphalt shingles. In that case, if you have one layer, you can install another one right on top. There is no need for removal or replacement. That might save you upwards of $500, depending on the quality of asphalt shingles you pick and the service charge of the roofers.

There is one downside to this. When a roofer doesn’t replace the old layer, there is always the chance of leaving the cracks and leaks underneath. In colder climates, removing the older layers enables the contractor to install the ice shield and waterproofing. On the other hand, it becomes genuinely challenging when the original sheet is wood shingles. In that case, the roofers have to tear everything down and build the roof from the ground up. That can add up to the costs. 

Check out the premium shingles

You need to invest a little to ensure that your roof stays strong and intact decades from now. There are a variety of shingles you can browse including plain asphalt, asphalt fiberglass, and organic ones. Some among these can last for over 50-years. These might cost significantly more than the ones that come without a guarantee. However, once you get the top-shelf products, you can relax for the next five decades. Getting the 50-year roof shingles with copper flashings might be the best deal for you if your roof takes a lot of direct sunlight and rain. The flashing is ideal for the joints where the walls meet the roof, or where the roof meets another slant. These might be significantly costlier than aluminum, but they also last at least twice as long as the lighter and cheaper variants.

Paperwork all the way

Documentation and contracts go a long way when you are getting your home renovated. You do not want the roofers to rip the old roof off and then take a 10-day leave. Most cities require tons of paperwork for roofing projects.


  • Does your town need paperwork and permit for roofing? You need the permit if you want the roofers to stick to a deadline. Moreover, the warranty might not be valid if you do not get this permit.
  • When you have the documentation, it is easy to ensure that you are getting the deal you signed up for. The quality of products and project cost estimate become tangible with paperwork.
  • Does the contractor have insurance? Make sure they do and get a letter from their insurance carrier stating the details of the roofer’s worker’s compensation coverage and liability plan.

Double check on their cleanup plan


Did you know? Most contractors have a giant magnet on wheels. When they rip out old shingles and tiles, the nails go flying in all directions. You need to ensure that your roofing contractors are giving you the cleanup service within the stipulated budget. The small debris can cause flat tires, and they are a choking hazard for pets and children. They usually hide in the gravel, cracks on the driveway, lawn, and mulch. Ask them to bring out the big magnet before they leave. The cleanup is just as necessary as the construction process.

Roof repair or replacement is a huge responsibility at hand. You need to find the right roofing experts, draw up an estimate of the process and choose the finest roofing shingles to turn this home improvement project into a long-term investment. Did we mention? Selecting the best copper flashing, architectural asphalt roofing shingles will contribute to the real estate value of your property. What better way to invest for the future than to revamp a critical component of your house? 

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