Handmade carpets are woven in three techniques called hand-knotted rug, hand-tufted rug, hand-weave rug and the prices of carpet depend on this factor. Handknotted carpets are woven on a handloom using knot by knot. It is an interweaving process which takes many months to weave but in handtufted rug, it takes maximum 1-2 months to weave. You can shop hand-tufted carpet online or from store. Find below the full process of weaving-

Turning material into yarns-:  

This is the beginning process of weaving a hand-tufted carpet. This process is important because when unprocessed materials come, those are dirty, contains dust and grease. So in the washing process, these are removed. Yarns simply wash by detergent and then it is placed in sunlight for two or three days.  When material imported in a factory in a large bale, weavers use a hand machine which is called chakra for finishing and making yarn bundles.

Dying Process: -

This is a very important process because the look of carpets depends on yarn color. For handmade Hand-tufted carpet, they used a vegetable dye which is also called natural dye and make using vegetable and flowers. Vegetable dyeing process mostly uses to give indigo colors. Vegetable dye is not 100% fast. It means when you will wash the carpet, it will fade a bit. For fixing the color of carpet they used a very small amount of chemical dye or another substitute. There is another solution also which they follow- After dying the yarn they wash yarn again in warm water. The yarn is hung onto a vertical pole and submerges into the dye. The dye is heated to the boiling temperature for a limited time. The time depends on the color combination such as for the dark color it takes more time as compared to light colors.

Hand Tufted Carpets Construction-

This type of carpet also called as cut pile carpets. First, a weaver creates a CAD and attaches it to the loom. After that, they make a design on a primary backing cloth. Cotton cloth is stitched on a frame (Loom). Then the craftsmen insert material such as wool, silk or other into the primary cloth using the single needle tools (gun). Most of the time hand-tufted carpets are made in cotton and pure New Zealand wool material. When tufting is completed then they cover primary backing with a hard material. The secondary backing is added for protecting primary backing. After that, they bind edges of the rugs to add strengths.

Trimming of the carpet:

When the weaving process has been done then this step to use for making all piles are uniform and that’s why it is called cut-pile carpet.

Washing Carpets-:

In the above process hand-tufted area rug gets dirty so this step needs. Wavers clean the carpet using water and detergent.

Final Touches-

This is the last step when rugs are ready, they check it and give a final touch by re-finishing and stretching, where it is necessary. 


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