This year proves to be the year of harsh contrasts in terms of top living room décor trends. From minimalistic simplicity to a jungle of biophilia, living rooms are getting a massive overhaul this year. Whether you are searching online for faux fur rugs in Australian retail stores or digging through a thrift store big for a vintage memento to display on your coffee table, we have the hottest design trends for 2019.

Going Green with Sustainability

Being sustainable has spilled into the world of living room design. Top trends include embracing space and the sparseness of minimal living with purchasing only from manufacturers that have reputations for respecting the environment. Buy living room furniture and décor that is made from natural or recycled materials. Buying secondhand is in, as is buying from companies that use reclaimed materials to create something new and exciting for your home. 

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Along with the new trends towards embracing sustainability and energy efficiency are trends towards incorporating plant life and nature into your living room décor. These eclectic home design ideas embrace natural organic materials in an attempt to display the intricate relationship between the natural world and mankind. 

What are some ways to embrace this new trend? Here are a few suggestions:

1) Purchase only furniture made of natural materials like wood

2) Add living plants to your home décor

3) Integrate stone and rocks into your decorations

4) Use wood textures and different colors of wood for accents pieces

5) Balance the contrasting colors with a neutral tone like off white

6) Display naturalist books prominently

7) Incorporate family travel photos in wooden frames into the décor

8) Purchase original artisan crafted materials to truly accentuate the importance of our connection with nature. 

Feminine Tones

This year living rooms embrace lighter tones like pastels, dusty pink, and blush. For this airy look, accentuate with simple furniture pieces in white and accent pillows with delicate designs. Softer curves in furniture contrast with angular furniture pieces like bookshelves and end tables. Incorporate beautiful floral patterned wallpaper or a vase of lightly colored flowers. Images of the female form in simple frames emphasize this distinct style. Add a plush rug and glass décor with candles to complete the look. 

Maximalist Style

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In stark contrast with the more sustainable minimalism described earlier is an obsession with maximalist style. What is considered maximalist? Think drama! Gaudy and opulent, the maximalist living room has bright contrasting patterns from leopard print sofas to floral wallpaper to six-foot-tall portrait gallery. Antique chairs, tables, and carpets in clashing patterns add an extra dramatic flair. 

Jewel Tones

Gone are the drab grays and neutral tones. This year accent your living room with bright jewel tones like emerald green or bold indigo. Add accessories, fabrics, and paintings in these bright tones. Create incredible drama in your living space. Add nonsensical elements like sculptures repainted in bright primary colors or an abstract chandelier in bright bold red to accent your room. This year give your living room a new look. Whether you create your own natural sustainable space of calm or have an obscene flair for the dramatic – enjoy the journey and explore your creativity in design! 


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