Handmade carpet is woven in a natural material like pure New Zealand wool, silk, cotton and jute material. Rugs are woven in natural fibers such as cotton or wool, offer a classic eco-friendly possibility. These type of textiles provides a soft touch to the underfoot and comfortable atmosphere once it will be placed. Rugs can be found in a wide range of patterns and colors, and a well-placed carpet works as the focal point of a room. These are highly durable and you can use it from one generation to another generation. I am going to tell you that why these carpets are highly durable and pollution free.

Cotton material:

Cotton Yarn

Cotton material is produced by the cotton plants and after spinning, it converts into yarn. Cotton yarn is used for providing strength to the carpet. It is used with wool, silk, jute, bamboo silk material as the warp. Cotton flat-woven dhurrie is 100% dust free so if anybody has allergy or asthma problem then they can use it.

Jute Material:

Jute material

This is produced by the Corchorus plant family. It is produced from the plant inner stems which are soaked and pounded. Once it is done then farmer place it in the sunlight for dry. Jute carpet has rough touch and this beneficial for maintaining the blood pressure. You can also use it for the wet places like close to the bathroom or in a dining room.

Wool Material:


Wool carpets are soft, luxurious and useful for high traffic area as well as low traffic. These are naturally stain-resistant and you can easily clean it at your home. Wool carpets are expensive, but when you know the benefits of a wool area rug then you will realize that the amount of a handmade wool carpet is not much. If you use it carefully, these carpets can last up to 50 years or more. The wool yarn can be stretched up to 30% without breaking and will bounce back. A wool fiber can hold dust particles which help reduce the number of dust particles floating in the air. Handmade wool area rugs are available in various designs for traditional home décor as well as modern home décor. Wool is also used for tufted carpet.

Silk Material:

Silk rug is the most exclusive rug among the handmade carpets. Silk is the only natural fiber that makes very soft to the touch area rugs or decorative wall pieces. Silk rugs have a very luxurious look, feel, and are relatively expensive. If you place it in sunlight then the color of your carpet maybe fade. Cleaning a silk area rug can be tricky because it is an expensive item so you cannot use any hard brush otherwise it can lose the beauty of its pile. If you love to use a silk carpet for your room then we suggest you for the professional cleaning.

Sari Silk:

Sari Silk Carpet

Sari silk carpet is woven using sari silk and cotton material. This is the best way to save the environment because sari silk carpet is made using the recycling of wastage sari (cloth).

The above natural material rugs you can buy for your home for providing a unique and environmental effect to your home. 

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