The kitchen is where we all spend a majority of our time in our houses. It’s where we have our gatherings with friends and family, where we cook meals, and where we make memories. But, if our kitchen looks dull and uninviting, these memories just won’t be as special and you won’t want to be in the kitchen. In order to make your kitchen the go-to for family gatherings again and a place you want to be in, there are a lot of ways to improve your kitchen that you While they may not seem like it, the kitchen cabinets are often the first part of a kitchen that is looked at. You open them every day to get food, pots, and pans, cutting boards-- you name it. So, if you’re stuck with ugly, boring kitchen cabinets, your entire kitchen will feel. . . you guessed it-- ugly and boring!


But, hold on just a second. Kitchen cabinets cost a fortune. Instead of remodeling, use some of these 10 DIY ways to make your kitchen cabinets look amazing.

1. A Paint Job

Sometimes, making your kitchen cabinets pop can be as simple as grabbing a can of paint from your local hardware store. If your kitchen seems to lack color and the white cabinets aren’t doing you any justice, choose a color that will match your kitchen and look intriguing for a quick fix.

2. Switch Up The Lighting

Most kitchen cabinets have the basic, underhead lighting that shines onto the counter beneath, and some don’t have enough lighting underneath. Brighten up the kitchen by adding task lighting or uplighting around the cabinets. Make the kitchen more enjoyable to be in, more interesting to look at, and easier to cook in with a brighter work environment.

3. Open-Ended Cabinetry 

By simply removing the doors to some of the cabinets that hold your plates, bowls, glassware, or even pots and pans, you can create a more open and interesting kitchen. Your guests will be intrigued by the open-ended cabinetry and, as a plus, it will be easier to take out your dishware and put it away. This DIY doubles as a hack to make your kitchen both more beautiful and more functional.

4. Cabinet Stenciling

Sometimes, a basic paint job just isn’t enough. After painting, if you think your kitchen is still too lackluster for your liking, add a few accent cabinets with different stencils to create textures or patterns. With hundreds of different patterns on the market, there are so many to choose from! Pick your favorite and stencil away for a dramatic yet amazing change to your kitchen.


5. Glass Door Inserts

Sick and tired of the same old, boring wood doors that come naturally with kitchen cabinetry but you don’t want to have to remove the doors for a change of pace? Glass door inserts are the perfect compromise! Choose whatever type of glass you like, stained, crystal-clear or even pre-fogged for your kitchen cabinets and, after a quick installation, your entire kitchen will look amazing.

6. Crown Moulding For the Win!

While crown molding itself may not be the cheapest option, adding some to the top of your cabinets will create a small difference that packs a big punch. Take your cabinets from boring and boxy to formal and intricate with the simple addition of crown molding and wow your guests with the antique feel.

7. New Hardware

Many of the traditional or pre-set kitchen cabinet handles and knobs can be extremely boring. Add a spice of flair to your kitchen by choosing a handle that matches your kitchen’s “personality”. With hundreds of different modern, rustic, and even industrial options available on the market, there’s something for everybody. Even just a small change like this can make a huge difference. The handle you choose can determine the “mood” of your kitchen. Finding the right one to suit your kitchen is important to making your kitchen work together perfectly. 

8. Add Tile to the Paneling

Just like a kitchen backsplash, you can add tile to the paneling of your kitchen cabinets for an immediate splash of color, contrast, and interest. Create accent cabinets throughout your kitchen with this simple DIY trick for amazingly stunning cabinets in minutes. Find your favorite tile pattern at your local hardware store or even just use what you have leftover from a bathroom remodel and apply it to a freshly painted panel with some industrial-strength adhesive. Cover as many panels as you want with a beautifully simple tile design to create a point of interest for your guests and family.

9. Use Adhesives for Beautiful Cabinet Backdrops

While there’s a lot that can be done to the outside of a cabinet to spruce up the kitchen, you can even add to the inside of a cabinet to make your kitchen that much more gorgeous. Print out your favorite designs or find fabric from your local fabric store with a design that matches the rest of your kitchen. Use some adhesive to glue it into the back of the cabinet. Make sure that this is done as precisely and smoothly as possible. If possible, pairing a stunning backdrop with a glass door frame or no door will serve as a great way to combine two ideas from this article to create something elegant.

10. Chicken Wire Doors

Chicken wire is a cheap and fast solution to creating a rustic look in your kitchen on a budget! Cut out the large portion of a door panel, sand down the edges, and use a staple-gun to staple chicken wire into the door. Because the chicken wire is so easy to find at practically any hardware store and it is so inexpensive, creating these negative-space doors will blow your visitors away on a budget. Of course, most of these easy fixes aren’t always going to be enough. If your kitchen cabinets are severely out of date, you may want to invest in Ready-To-Assemble cabinets. These cabinets will help you save money while getting beautiful cabinets for your home. Our kitchens are objectively the most important rooms in our homes, so it’s important that we keep them beautiful. Next time you need a way to spruce up the kitchen, use one of our 10 kitchen cabinet modifications to take your kitchen to another level.

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