If it is about style and strength, then the floors with natural-fiber rugs are evergreen. The hand-woven construction, intricate woven designs, and natural tone colors make this rug ultimate and beautiful. Natural fiber rugs are beneficial for us. Handmade carpets are woven in natural fibers like silk, wool, jute, sisal etc. Due to the natural material, these are not harmful to babies and kids. They can play on it without any problem. A decorative and beautiful room can change your mood. You will feel more active and relaxed in a well-managed room and for decorating a room there is a no better option than natural fiber rugs.

There are many accessories which you can use but if you want to provide coziness and unique look then this is the best accent for you. Handmade jute area rug is woven on a handloom. Now find three eco-friendly ways to decorate your room with natural fiber rugs-

1) Natural fiber carpet with dark border: 

Jute Carpet

An open seating area provides endless options for furniture arrangements, and a dark color natural-fiber rug can be a great option for your layout. Use a natural color rug which contains a dark border and places it in the center of your room. Put your all furniture around your carpet. So that you can show your carpet to others and it can work as the focal point of your room. This method is only possible if your rug is small. You can take 4’x6’ ft carpet for it. Consider choosing a sea-grass (stain-resistant) or jute. Jute area rug is also helpful for managing blood pressure.

2) Use Sisal rug:

Sisal Rug

This is ideal for the high traffic area and even highly durable than seagrass rug and jute rug. As well as being sustainable, these are the best protector against dirt and heavy leg traffic between natural-fiber piles. To prevent sand and dirt from moving into your house, place a rug pad in your entry.

3) Use Jute Designer Rug: 

Hemp Lurix

You may think that natural jute rug is boring but you will never be disappointed by jute lurecarpet. Nowadays handmade jute rugs are woven with the combination of gold zari and silver zari. Jute lurex handmade area rugs are available in various sizes and this is the latest trends. You can also customize your rug from the manufacturer. You will often find jute rugs with a beautiful geometrical pattern, which makes it ideal for a bedroom. The soft texture of a jute rug makes it look amazing under the bare feet. We also love that a jute rug can be mixed with beautiful animal sofa which contains animal prints. If you don’t have enough money to buy wool or silk rug then you can take a large jute area rug for covering the entire space. Place your rug in the room and use your small silk or wool rug on it. This is called layered rug. It is the latest trends and most of the people like it. You can also hide the damaged rug using this method.


The above three methods you can use for your home and enhance the beauty of the same by using these Natural Fiber Rugs while making your home eco-friendly and beautiful at the same time. 

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