A bed is where children spend most of their days. Researchers state that growing children need between 10 hours to 12 hours of sleep depending on their age. Adolescents need at least 8 hours of sleep to make up for their changing bodies and high energy demands. Therefore, it is quite normal for a mother to worry about the kind of mattress they are about to choose for their kids. The quality and integrity of their mattress will determine their health and wellness later in life.

How to choose the best mattress for your child?

There are several steps for choosing the right mattress quality and brand for your kid.

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1) Choosing the right store

Is there a store you trust? Then always start your shopping with that store. A good seller should be able to provide the correct information on the several brands and types of mattress available in the market.

2) Choosing the right brand

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Next, try to remember if there’s a brand you have used and loved before. Try their kid’s range to get an idea about quality and prices. Standard mattress brands have wide ranges of products to help their customers pick one within their budget.

3) Talk to an expert

An expert can be someone who deals with mattresses each day or a friend who has experience shopping for kid’s mattress in the near past. This can help you make informed choices. Mothers can also check out the Counting Sheep - How to Sleep Better online guide before going mattress shopping.

4) Know your child’s height and weight

Many parents buy mattresses that do not allow room for the child to grow. The mattress might be the right size for your child today, but what about tomorrow? Predicting a child's growth is quite impossible, and the mattress a mom chooses must accommodate proper growth for your kids.

5) Check for proper support

Soft mattresses initially seem very comfortable, but for children, they can be harmful. They do not provide proper support to their backbones and their limbs. Children often suffer from muscle aches and joint pains as a result of bad mattress support during sleep. The ideal mattress should be between super soft and hard, that provides enough comfort and support to the kid.

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Which are the top 3 mattress types ideal for kids?

The three different mattresses that mothers should always check before choosing one –

Memory foam: these mattresses respond smartly to changes in body temperatures and shifts in body weight. They offer extra comfort and better support. They are also the costliest of the lot.

Innerspring: they are the “traditional” mattresses. They are durable and provide marvelous support. They are also a smart investment for the frugal buyer.

Hybrid: this combines the best of both worlds. It has a top layer of memory foam and a bottom layer of innerspring. The prices are also somewhere in between the memory foam mattresses and innerspring mattresses.

No mattress type is the absolute best for children. Depending on their age, growth rates and resting needs, their ideal mattress type and brand will change.