There are many ways to decorate your home in a festival way and tasteful manner; Pumpkins, fall leaves and candles are a popular topic that can work as inspiration. You can add all these elements by mixing them in a decorative way. If you want to give a modern look to your home then you can use cream color and for giving a Halloween centric look you can use orange color. According to my opinion orange color is the best since it is bright and vibrant.

There are so many ways and ideas which you can follow for decorating your home. You don’t need to buy accessories from market; you can do it by yourself. Find some of the easiest tricks below –

A)  Decorate a dining table: - This is easiest way to decorate your dining table. Dining table is a place where you spend so much time with family and friends. This is a place where you can show the creativity and can impress your family members and guests.

1)    Take three glass jars in different sizes; fill the half part of jars with colourful rice.

2)    Take three thick candles and bind beautiful leaves with candle like the image.

3)    Put the candles in jar and place jars in a transparent plate.

4)    After that place this place in the centre of your dining table. 

Fall Season

B)  Decorate a table:-This is the second method. You can follow it by decorating the slabs and table anywhere in your home. Pick up some branches of colourful leaves and arrange tall glass vases. For making it as a bold focal point, you can create or display it on the top of table. Collect some rice and fill the vase. After that, bind the fall leaves with the vase and put pumpkins on it. On the side vases you can put single – single pumpkin on it and on the centre vase you can put two pumpkins as showing in the image. After that, add the beautiful fall leaves to the table.

c)  Decorate the fire place:- As we know that the winter is just about to come. So it’s time to redecorate your fire place. For redecorating it in a fall season you can follow this method.

1)    Place a beautiful carpet on the floor.

2)    Add a wooden chair and put an orange seat cover on it.

3)    Place a basket and a pumpkin close to the fire place for showing the fall season.

4)    You can also hang a string of fall letters in bold.

5)    Fill the basket with natural leaves.


D)  Create a centre piece: - Take a round or oval container, and fill it with sand. Put the beautiful edges and flower in the centre of the bowl. Also add some white and orange pumpkins with some seasonal vegetables like kale, radishes, and eggplants. Use bundles of fresh herbs to fill in any gaps. Surround with more pumpkins.

Table decoartion

E)  Living room: - If you are going to decorate your living room then you should give it a natural look. You can use chairs which are made with natural material like jute etc. If you have transparent glass in your living room then you can hang the hanging flower pots with beautiful orange color flowers. Place a beautiful handmade area rug under the table. Select the carpet color according to the color of furniture otherwise you can take a carpet in cream color or orange color which are ideal for fall season.

Living Room Decoration

These above ways are some of the best methods which you can follow to redecorate your home in this fall season 2017.