How to Select Rug Size

Every room has different size dimensions. If you want to decorate your home with handmade carpets like a PRO then you must have to know the exact size of your room. If you not sure what is the correct rug shape for your location (for your living room, kitchen, bedroom and hallway as well), I am going to tell you about essential elements to help you find the right fit.

1) For the living room: - Handmade rugs are divided in three categories like small rugs, medium size rug and large area rug. You can use any size rug according to your placement idea. There are three ways to put a handmade carpet in a living room.

A) Big Space: - If you have a large living room with furniture in the centre, a carpet should be big enough so that the furniture should fit completely on the top without cramped. You can take 9’ x 12’ or 10’x 13’ feet carpet. This is the slandered size for a large carpet. 

Big Carpet

B) Furniture along the wall: - When furniture is against the wall, you should try to put the front two leg of all the furniture on the carpet and the back two legs of all furniture on the wall. Put the table in the centre of carpet.  You can take 6’x9’ or 8’x10’ feet carpet.


C) Small Space: - If you have a small space in your living room. Smaller rug can be used under the coffee table or for specifying the particular area. You can use 5’x7’ or 4’x6’ size carpet.

Small carpet

2) Carpet for the narrow room: - If you have any hallway, corridor or narrow space in any room then you can use a runner. You can use a long runner in the centre of your hallway floor. You can use 2’.6’x8’ or 2’.6x10’ feet size carpet.

Narrow Carpet 

3) Rug Guide for the kitchen: - You can use a handmade carpet for your kitchen in two ways. It depends on you that you want to put like a small rectangular shape carpet or put any runner. If you have a narrow kitchen where you can put a small size runner then this is the best otherwise you can place two small carpets in your kitchen. You can take 2’.6’x6’ or 2’x3’ or 3’x6’ size carpet.


4) Rug Guide for a dining room: - For the dining room if you want to put a large carpet then just remember that you should need 24” or so extending beyond each side of table so that you can easily pushed back your chair without folding the carpet. For this you can take a 9’x12’ and 8’x10’ feet size carpet. If you want to put runner on the dining table then you can use 2’x6’ or 2’x8’ feet size carpet runner.

Large Carpet

5) Rug Guide for the bedroom: - Living room and bedroom, these are the most important place in your home which you definitely want to decorate in a good way. There are four ways to put handmade area rug in your living room. If you want to cover the whole entire space then you should take 9’x12’ or 10’x13’ feet carpet in your bedroom. There are two ways to use a large carpet. You can put it horizontally and vertically as well.

If you want to place your carpet on floor and only put the carpet in front of your bed then you can take medium size carpet like 5’x7 or 6’x9’ feet.

Bedroom area rug

There are so many ways to use a handmade carpet. So before buying a handmade carpet you should measure the area size where you want to put your carpet or decide the style in which way you want to put your carpet. These above methods you can follow for finding the right size carpet for your home

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