Why Hiring the Best Basement Waterproofing Makes Sense?

One of the most frequent types of damage faced in a house is due to water. Basements are the most critical areas of construction and are highly affected due to the water seepage owing to rain, overflows, burst pipes or plumbing leaks, among others. According to the statistics published by Water Damage Defense, around 98 percent of basements in the U.S. will go through some water damage at some point.

The water leakage in the basement can create a series of issues such as the growth of fungus or mold and can cause structural damage to the basement. With the advantages explained below, one can opt for basement waterproofing in Denver, CO and make their living space habitable again:

1) The flooding of the basement will not just create cracks in the foundation, but also cause physical damage to the drywall, wood, and other materials. Moreover, a small leakage, if ignored, in due time, can cause massive damage. These can quickly increase the cost of an insurance claim. A study has estimated that water damage holds approximately one-fifth shares of all insurance claims. Therefore, it is wise to spend on waterproofing the basement instead of spending on related insurance claims


2) Prevention is always better than cure. Hence, necessary waterproofing activities such as the installation of a sump pump, sealing off any cracks in the foundation, and induction of a drainage system to divert groundwater can be very efficient measures to avoid future accidents of basement floods


3) Elevated concentrations of moisture or water levels in a home lead to the appearance of mildew or mold. Mold causes structural damage to the property, along with allergies and infections, depleting one’s health. One of the frightening things about mold is that it can grow in unusual parts of the basement, increasing the probability of contracting with dangerous infections. Thus, waterproofing the basement can keep mold at bay by decreasing the moisture level in the same

4) Most of the time, the air in the house is quite humid. This pushes for better working of installed heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, which indirectly increases the electricity bill. As per the U.S. Department of Energy, improper HVAC working can increase energy bills up to 15% yearly. Thus, effective waterproofing can reduce the humidity level in the house which will decrease the unnecessary amount added to the energy bills

5) The installation of a sump pump is always recommended for basement waterproofing. But most of the time, additional measures need to be taken in case the sump pump malfunctions. A sump pump can stop working if there is a power breakage, which causes the water to rush into the basement. Therefore, supplementary methods such as battery backup should be implemented to protect the basement even if the sump pump fails

6) Since most of the basements have concrete floors of only two to four inches thickness, it is quite susceptible to pressure from swelling up of groundwater. It can cause the floor to crack, creating a much higher risk of water outflow and extensive flooding

7) The water leakage can result in the weakening of the joints and edges where the flooring and walls meet. This structural damage constitutes foundation cracks and weak walls and floors, which is expected to threaten the structural integrity of the house in time. Water seeping process can take a lot of time and happens out of sight. So, it is quite late when the problem is discovered and may have already caused a substantial amount of damage to the house. Efficient waterproofing can protect the joints and edges from the excess water thus preventing any loss

Summary Image

Homeowners invest a lot of time in designing the outer part of the house. If they give proper importance to waterproof the basement, they can save a lot of time and money. Not just in monetary terms, but basement waterproofing also ensures that the living conditions are hygienic enough to dwell in.

Even if there is a small amount of leakage, you must immediately contact a water damage restoration professional. They can find the glitches and do the necessary procedures of removing the standing water and cleaning the affected areas before it results in immense damage.

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