The recent trend of DIY and Pinterest has inspired people all over the world to make creative and out of the box masterpieces by using what they once considered trash. If you are creative, you can use anything from old shoe boxes to rugs to decorate your house. A rug is basically a part of a carpet that is considered useless. It’s usually cut from the main carpet due to size issues but can serve several uses. In fact, rugs are sold in the streets. Here are six ways to reuse your old rugs and give your house a chic makeover in a cost-friendly manner. 

1. Lounge Ottoman Cover:

Instead of getting a new ottoman/settee, you can just change the cover of your old one. DIY rug ottoman is a perfect way to give your living room a refreshing change. It is a cost-effective way to reuse old carpet that you would otherwise throw away. If you don’t have an old Ottoman, check out thrift stores near your area, they normally cost under $15.

 Handmade Carpet

2. Remodeled Window Screen Cleaner:

It gets very hard to clean the windows during the summer season when humidity, insects, and dust make their wave through them. Old carpets can be used to recreate small. square-sized washcloths and used along with detergent, soap, and water or a glass cleaner in order to get squeaky clean windows.

3. Scratcher for Your Pet

Stop spending money on toys for your cat and create one at home. Cats love scratching things, so why not give your fluffy friend a new toy made out of useless material? Pick a stick or any other item and wrap the rug from the opposite site around it. Make sure to tie it carefully so that it doesn’t come off, and let your cat play with it. It is safe for the animal and can be used for other pets as well including dogs and birds. However, make sure they don’t chew into it.

4. Reconditioned Car Floor Mats:

Your old carpet can also be used to make customized floor mats for your car. Car mats get damaged very quickly, especially due to the mud and soil attached to your shoes. It can get worse if it’s a wet season. Just measure the inside of your car and cut a rug that fits well. It will not only be comfortable but it’s also easy to maintain.

 Handmade Carpet

5. Repurposed carpet furniture movers:

You have recently changed the entire flooring of your house and now you are scared to move your furniture around. Moving furniture can give an instant makeover to your room but it can scratch your newly installed floor. Your old carpet can be of great help here. Cut a small piece and use it to move furniture. Just slide it under the furniture and pull it. This will not only prevent scratches but can also reduce the effort.

6. Hide unattractive corners

If you have frame scaffold, pipes or other such items visible in your house, just place a handmade rug over it to hide it. They can also be used to hide cracks on the wall.

 Handmade Carpet

7. Recycled carpet to quiet laundry machines and dryer:

It is normal for washing machines and dryers to make a noise, usually due to an uneven floor. This problem can be solved by using a small piece of carpet. Slide it under the washing machine to prevent bumping. The key lies in being creative so think twice before you throw away your old carpets.

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