Fourth of July is the golden chance to buy a beautiful area rug for your home. This is a day when most of the stores, retailers, e-tailers provide huge discounts on their items. For the cheap items you can shop any day but for the expensive items, this is the best day. 4th of July celebrates the Independence day of America and this is the biggest holiday. People stand outside of the stores from early morning for shopping due to the amazing sale.

If we talk about handmade carpet and rug, it is the most expensive home décor accessory. Handmade area rug takes many months to weave because it is made on a handloom which is totally operated by hand. It is made using knot by knot and pile. About 2-3 people work together for the large carpet and it takes approx. 7-8 months to complete. There are seven processes to follow for weaving a rug. It is a time-consuming process. The material of rug is obtained from a natural source like mulberry silk from cocoon, mountain wool or New Zealand wool from sheep hair, cotton from cotton tree, bamboo silk from bamboo, banana silk from banana tree, etc. That’s why the natural material is hard to find and it is expensive too but it is not harmful to baby skin. They can comfortably crawl on handmade area rug without affecting any rushes and all.

This is highly durable because it is made in hand knotted technique which is called inter-weaving. Each thread of carpet is combining with another one. It is very difficult to weave. Handmade area rugs especially traditional carpets contain “One of a kind” design pattern which is originated in the 12-17th century from different countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, etc.

Now find the best way to place your rug in your home-

 Handmade Carpet

Rug Guide for a bedroom:

For a bedroom, you have three ways to place a rug. Shop a large area rug or place it horizontally or vertically on the floor and place your bed on the carpet but it is not a perfect way to place a rug. Put the third part of carpet below the carpet and one-fourth part in outside of bed. Place it horizontally on floor. If there is a sofa in your bed then place a 4 x 6 ft area rug below it. You can use bedside runner or a small carpet on the front end of bed.

Handmade Carpet

Rug Guide for a living area rug:

For the living room, shop a large area rug and place it in the center of your home. Place only front leg of furniture on it and remaining on the floor. So that there is enough space between table and couch. If you have a small rug then place your furniture offset on the floor. Put only table on the carpet. For the coffee table, shop a round rug. But make sure that all accessories should in same color and design scheme.

So, follow the above ideas to decorate your home for this Fourth of July. Shop your rug from fourth of July rug sale section from the website.

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