Not every homeowner gives adequate attention to a crawl space! It's an area that you hardly visit and is very narrow. There are times when water accumulates under the house and result in mold growth. It is annoying and can result in more significant issues as well. You need to think about crawl space repair at the earliest.

Regular home inspections will reveal that your home has crawl space issues! You might not detect that inspecting all by yourself. You need a professional service provider for this. To know more, you can get in touch with the foundation.  However, it is essential to stay aware of the signs that cause crawl space damage.

1) Standing water

When you find standing water in the crawl space, blame it on leaking pipes and poor drainage. When it’s untreated and unchecked, it leads to mildew and mold growth. It can also make the foundation weak. Detect the reason of long-standing water, remove the issue, and avert all future damages. Installing a vapor barrier can also help to prevent moisture damage.

2) The sagging floors

Uneven and sagged floors indicate issues with floor joists. Sagging floors will give rise to a rattling noise that generates from the cabinets as you walk on them. It takes place because of the flawed building to excess weight on the floors. Never try to repair the floor joists all by yourself. You might have to lift the house, which needs extra support and the intervention of a professional service provider.

Sloping floors indicate a weak foundation! It results from water damage that can rot the beams beneath the house. When you notice the first signs of damage, you need to arrange for the essential repairs at the earliest.

3) Increased humidity inside

Moisture inside the crawl space rises the home humidity levels than the normal range. You will find condensation building up close to the windows as well as outside the metal appliances. Other signs of an increase in indoor humidity are as follows:

  • Musty Odors
  • Condensations that forms in and around the pipes
  • Prominent mold and mildew signs on the walls
  • Peeling of wallpaper and paints from walls
  • Growth in allergy symptoms

4) Maximized electric bills

Did your electric bill shoot up recently? If yes, then it can be because of improper air circulation and increased humidity levels within the crawl space. The increased humidity will make the HVAC to more than usual. Also, inadequate insulation within the crawl space will make your cooling and heating system ineffective.

5) Prolonged pungent smell

Did you detect a musty odor from your crawl space? If yes, then it's not something normal. It suggests that there's mold, water, or moisture issue. When you come across this symptom, ensure to get it inspected by an ace waterproofing specialist and get the required solution. Else the problem can linger and can become worse as days pass by.

These are some of the acute symptoms of crawl space issues. There are other signs, as well. However, for starters, if you notice any of these five above mentioned crawl space repair signs, get in touch with an ace service provider at the earliest.

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