Amazing Features of Bamboo Silk Rugs and Carpets

There’s just one home decor item that comes to our mind when we think about adding a touch of aesthetics to a place and it's a handmade rug or a carpet. But the one factor that is difficult to choose among so many rugs and carpets is its material. One thing is certain that no matter which material we choose, we want something that can look appealing as well as last us long. Well, we have got just the right option for you; go for Bamboo silk!

Bamboo silk is rapidly becoming the material of choice for people because it is not just affordable and long-lasting but it also comes in a huge variety that pairs well with your entire home and other decor elements. Here, we are going to understand what makes it the best choice for anyone who is looking for a rug as well as its advantages.


What is Bamboo Silk?

Bamboo silk is a viscose material composed of bamboo fibres. Due to the process through which it is made, the material is lightweight and has a smooth texture. The major benefit is that bamboo is abundantly available throughout the world. This resource is both eco friendly and renewable, as bamboo can be regrown without enough hassle.


Features of Bamboo Silk


It is Durable

Bamboo silk is a highly durable material, all thanks to its high-quality fibres. However, if a particular rug is made of 100% pure bamboo silk material, then its longevity might be affected. Look for a blend of cotton and bamboo silk material rugs if you want the rug to last you for generations to come and be soft to touch. You can also place your bamboo silk rugs in high foot traffic areas if proper care and maintenance can be done.


It is easy to clean

It's a struggle washing and keeping everything clean, isn’t it? Bamboo silk rugs have gained quite a bit of loyal followers because of how effortless it is to clean. Just give your rug to a professional cleaner once a year and you are good to go. However, if that’s not an option for you or if you want to clean your rug at home, do this:

Just take some lukewarm water and mix in your regular shampoo instead of a detergent and wash the rug carefully.

If you want your bamboo silk rug or any other traditional rug to stay as it is for long, then do not ever scrub it as this will weaken the strength and appearance of your rug and ruin it.


It comes in various colours

One of the best features of bamboo silk is its versatility in design. Bamboo silk rugs are easier to dye while manufacturing them. It means you can easily find beautifully knit designs with wonderful colours and patterns as per your expectations.

The carpets and rugs can be made with both natural and chemical dyes as the fibre can withstand the process. Bamboo silk can also be freely shaped into whatever form you desire. This flexibility makes bamboo silk rugs adaptable and allows you to easily get the custom design made to compliment your surroundings and home's design aesthetics.

Overall, Bamboo Silk turns out to be an amazing choice for rugs and carpets due to its myriad features. However, understanding the material's do’s and don’ts allows you to enjoy the elegance of this lovely piece of home decor for a long time.