How to design your very Own Custom Handmade Rug

A carpet is aesthetically pleasing and an incredible addition to any part of your home. It is not only a piece of fabric but for many, it is a part of their legacy that is kept for generation after generation.

Carpet is an exquisite addition and often becomes the centre of attention of any room it is placed in. Most people are more interested in hand-knotted rugs as this technique is one of the most traditional and oldest methods of making rugs with intricate work on them. Also, these kinds of rugs are handmade using natural fibres like silk, cotton, wool, etc. and take a lot of time and effort to complete.

Investing in a good handmade carpet is quite expensive and it lasts for a long time, so you have to think carefully about how it can be designed to match it with your interior.

Nowadays, you get the option to customize your handmade rugs in exactly the shape, size and colour you want. But to custom make your handmade carpets there are few aspects you need to consider before ordering.


Size of the rug 

The first thing you need to consider for customizing is the size of the rug. Suppose you need to get a handmade rug for your sitting space you have to first measure the size of the room then measure the area you want to cover the carpet on. Based on the measurement of the area you want to cover with a rug you can customize the size of the rug you want to order.


Choosing the design of the rug

Carpets come in various designs and patterns, it can be a traditional carpet or a modern carpet. Traditional carpet typically involves a fixed design which is a floral motif or a centre medallion that goes with almost any kind of interior. But if you have a modern interior in your house you can also opt for a modernly designed rug that matches the ambience of your home. This will impart overall completeness to the decor of your home.


Choosing the material of the rug 

Choosing the right material is also an important aspect you need to consider for customization. As there is a variety of fabrics available in the market like cotton wool or Kashmir silk you need to consider it through. Choosing the right material for you can be easily done if you consider the price, maintenance and usage. For example, 100% pure Bamboo Silk is a delicate material and cannot be used regularly as it is exquisite. So, if you want a rug that you can use all the time and in the highest foot traffic area of the house then it is not the ideal material for you. Go for a blend of cotton and Bamboo silk if you want to place your rug in a high foot traffic area.


Planning according to your budget

Budget is the most important aspect of buying a customized handmade carpet. You need to consider the limit of your budget, as quite naturally it is always more the merrier. If you are willing to spend more money on your carpet then automatically you will have better material quality and more variations to choose from. Also, the price of the carpet deepens on the size, as the requirement for size gets bigger the price also increases. Other than that, more detailed design and denser patterns are also responsible for the price hike of the carpet.