A large area rug is a perfect choice for anchoring any furniture grouping that simply floats. Whether you decide to add large area rugs to your home as a decorative statement or to make effective use of its functionality, they can make quite a crucial impact on your home décor. There are many ways you can tie a large area rug to a room and harness its beauty and potential. Here are a few expert large area rugs placement ideas that will help you achieve an optimum rug layout for your home sweet home.

Make an Entrance

You can use large area rugs to make a welcoming first impression. Based on what your entrance space needs, you can either use a round, a runner, or a rectangular large area rug.  Make your choice based on the exact dimension of your entrance space.  Usually, runners are a popular choice for narrow entrance spaces. Placing a bold area rug at your entrance can easily makespace look warmer and wider.

large dining rug

Enliven the Living Room

 Living room large area rugs must be in a shape that profoundly flatters the living room and brings a vibrant energy to the room.  A large and oversized rug is perfect for anchoring an open concept living room. Ensure that for large living rooms when you place a large area rug, the rug is placed at least halfway under your chairs and sofas. This shall unify your furniture pieces and create a defined sitting area for you to sit back and relax. For small living rooms, you can use large area rugs to create an illusion of a bigger space. Get the proportion correct, ensure that the rug that you use is based on the interior measurements of your living area.  You can create the illusion of a bigger space by placing sitting furniture even on the edge of the carpet. This will largely scale up the look and feel of your compact living room.

Frame Your Bedroom

Noone likes cold floors first thing in the morning, especially in the winters. This is why large area rugs make perfect bedroom décor pieces. Your bed must be your focal point while placing a large area rug in your bedroom. Going by the thumb rule, it must act as the base for your rug placement.  There are many ways of placing a large area rug in your bedroom. If your bedroom is comparatively a smaller one, you can place the rug on the side of the bed to add depth to the room. If you want to place a large area rug in your master bedroom, then place it in a manner that it frames the bed and the side tables for a symmetrical finish. This will make your room feel bigger and much more inviting.

Our rug shop has a plethora of large area rugs options that cater to a variety of room needs. Feel free to get in touch with us if you need more bespoke advice to levitate your space with unique rug pieces.

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