Large Area Rugs ideal for Living Room and Dining

So, we all know that buying a rug is not a walk in the park. Let alone choosing and buying something for your living room or dining area. It can get very tricky to pick and choose the right one. There are a lot of factors that go into play when one is picking something for a formal living room where guests where will ushered in and out, frequently. On the other hand, picking a rug for a dining room comes with a whole new set of manual. So let's figure out all the tips and tricks for chosing the right piece for your living room and dining area at the same time.

1) Consider your Style

The rug you choose for your living room or dining really depends on your personal style. Your home is truly a representation of your lifesyle and rightfully so. Hence, when you are in the market to choose a large area rug, first and foremost decipher the style you want. Do you prefer modern rugs or traditional carpets? Or perhaps, something in between like a transitional rug. Irrespective of what is trending, it is important to pick something that truly resonates with your style because a rug is not soemthing that you buy very often.

2) Consider your Space

Secondly. when it comes to picking a large area carpet for your living room, decide if it is a formal space or an informal one. Based on that, decide the rug you want to pic and measure the size of the space accoridingly. Similarly, when you are deciding on a dining-room rug, decide if you want the legs of the chair on or off the rug and accordingly decide the space. An ideal size for a living room is usually 6x9 rug for a medum size and if its a large space, an 8x10 rug or a 9x12 carpet is ideal. On the other hand, for a dining room a one can choose a round rug for a round dining table. A 6 seater should ideally have an 8x10 rug if one wants all the legs of the chairs on it. An 8 or 10 seater can have a 9x12 rug or a 10x13 feet carpet.

3) Consider your Lifestyle

A lot of times, people are of the notion that oh now that they have italian or wooden flooring, they dont really need a rug. However, thats absolutely false. A floor without a rug is like a wall without a painting. A room would look incomplete. A rug is the foundation of a room and is an integral part of home decor. A good quality rug reflects your lifestyle and your taste. For instance, a silk carpet exudes luxury and so does a fine quality Persian rug. If your decor is more on the contemporary side, choose a modern rug. 

4) Consider your Budget

Let's be honest! Rugs are not cheap. A good quality handknotted rug can cost a significant amount. And when it comes to buying a large area rug, the price certainly goes up. Now, you must understand that the price of a rug not only depends on its size, it depends upon a variety of factors like the number of knots, material used, intricacy of craftsmanship, quality etc. Hence, decide upon your budget and then choose a large area rug.

5) Consider the Material

So one can either go for a high end- pure silk large rug or for a woolen carpet if one prefers something that is conducive for a heavy traffic area. Also, if one is looking for a natural area rug, one can opt for a jute rug or a sisal rug. Bamboo silk rugs are also a good option for a large modern rug. 

So, follow the above points and keep in mind whilst choosing a large area rug for a dining room or a living room rug.