If you want to make your home feel like a castle, it’s time to add a few touches of luxury to your interior. While old-fashioned glamour is a thing of the past, you can choose to treat your home to some modern luxury that will perfectly mix decadence and elegance. 

Study your color palette

Modern lux is a color palette hard to nail. Every luxurious space needs to be inviting and welcoming—you want you, your family and your guests to want to spend time in your home. So, make sure to play your cards right and draw people inside with warm and deep tones. Tan shades are always a good idea for a neutral base that will allow you to build your color palette and add some more vibrant colors. However, if you prefer cooler tones, you can go with grays and whites and spice them up with deep, bold jeweled tones that will look perfectly lux in any space. 

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Design a lux feature wall

Every luxury scheme deserves a feature wall, especially if you have tall ceilings that reach all the way up to the rafters. If you have some money to splurge, opt for a towering wall of quartz or marble that will serve as a stunning focal point in any space. If you want something warmer, invest in a towering bookcase that will climb all the way to the ceiling. Or, you can go all in with a metallic accent wall that will leave that bold, industrial yet luxurious vibe in your home. Whatever you choose, your accent wall will zone out your space and give you a better design. 

Play with lighting

Lighting is everything. So, make sure to light up your private skies (your living room) with something modern and attention-grabbing. Hanging pendants are your safest option because they always leave a big and memorable impression. If you group your pendants in trios and hang them all at different heights, you’ll achieve a very art-like effect that will catch the eye and serve as a special feature in your home. Additionally, every carefully-curated architectural element deserves to be highlighted with accent lighting. For instance, your modern staircase can come to spotlight with some uplighting while your art can be lit from above. 

Welcome your visitors in style

You want to take your guest’s breath away from the moment they see your home to the moment they leave it, so don’t neglect to give your entrance some luxurious love as well. If you have those regular traditional doors, switch them up for something more modern. Think how good the modern entrance doors that combine lux wood, glass and metallic accents would look on your home. Their heavy and monumental look leaves a vibe of luxury and elegance-just what you want to achieve. Plus, the design is much more contemporary with its vertical lines and minimalist hardware. Everyone who comes across your entrance will be intrigued to see what marvel hides inside. 

Layer your rugs

As opposed to modern minimalism, modern luxurious look requires floor coverings and it requires them in abundance. However, don’t think you can slap on a wall-to-wall carpet and call it a day. Those days are over. Today, you want to give your space layers, softness and warmth by layering your rugs. Start with a solid, neutral colored base rug with thick padding underneath. Then, you can start adding luxury with throw rugs. Oriental rugs are a perfect blend of modern and traditional, but you can also opt for (faux)fur rugs or anything bold and geometric.

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Add metallic details

Modern lux design is obsessed with metallic details. Think to add a mid-century metallic coffee table to add some timeless gold to your space or opt for a smooth, shiny and bold art piece for your living room. Whatever you do, though, keep the pieces simple and sparse. One or two metallic items are all a room needs. Pair your pieces with solid hues and you’ll create a relaxing yet attractive atmosphere. 

Splurge on finishing touches

If you don’t have a huge budget to throw around, you can concentrate on finishing touches. These are often overlooked by non-designers, but when they come into a room, they make a huge impression. Think anything from luxe fabric for your window treatment to your finishing hardware or exotic live plants. You can replace your faucets for something chromed or invest in those spa-like bamboo bath mats. Choosing one or two of these decadent elements per room will really set your home apart in all the best ways. 

After these upgrades, your home will feel like a high-end oasis of luxury even though you didn’t spend six figures on it. Creating a luxe feel is no longer reserved for the 1% - we all deserve a touch of decadence in our homes.

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