If you’re looking to spice up your décor, then it’s high time to incorporate the latest design trends and turn your living space into a true haven of style and comfort. You can start by beautifying the part of your home you frequent the most – the living room. In order to help you with this, we have singled out a list of our top 5 tips and tricks that will make this makeover your best one yet.

Apply a dash of color

As we all know, monochrome walls can sometimes make a home feel empty and lifeless. The best way to deal with this is to add a bold splash of color to your living room. For example, begin by painting an accent wall in a fun shade such as tangerine or magenta to break the monotony. Feel free to complement this idea by hanging frameless paintings to truly make the shades pop. You could further enhance the decor with chic brass accessories such as vases, bowls and decorative rustic lamps which will serve you as perfect table centerpieces.

Exotic comfy furniture and rug ideas

Rug Ideas

Another quick way to make this part of the house more attractive is to replace old furniture with stylish new pieces. With this in mind, you can invite faraway cultures into the living room with cushy leather poufs and a hand-carved coffee table for a Moroccan feel. Furthermore, modern fashionable rugs or a wall-to-wall Persian carpet will absolutely take this arrangement to the next level. Alternatively, if you desire something more reminiscent of the Far East, you should establish a special orient vibe with Bamboo and Mahogany area rugs, a hand-made barrel end table or a Chinese-style sideboard.

Achieve a stunning effect with florals

Blending in flowers and plants with the interior will help you achieve harmony in the living room. Not only is greenery very aesthetically pleasing, but it can cleanse the space of negative energy and air pollutants as well. A great example of this is the Garden Mum which eliminates harmful VOCs from the air and brightens up the room with its golden blooms. Furthermore, Weeping Figs and Peace Lilies work as amazing statement pieces and could be placed in elevated or hanging planters for a great wow effect. Lastly, go ahead and plant round-trimmed topiary plants in geometric pots as a great eclectic addition to your contemporary design.

Romantic lighting solutions

Light Bulbs

When you want to evoke a dazzling warmth in your living space, you need to find the perfect ambient lighting solutions. Recessed accent lights in the ceiling can be modified with dimmer switches allowing you to set the mood in the room to your liking. Remember, you should change your regular bulbs for warm LEDs which will cast a soothing and welcoming light. Most importantly, if you want to spark a wonderful radiance, be sure to get high-quality scented candle supplies and organize the best romantic evenings with your loved one. On top of that, these candles come in a variety of stimulating fragrances which will instantly transport your senses around the world.

Classy window treatments

Last but not least, neglecting your windows will greatly hinder you from beautifying this room properly. Instead, you should dress them with colorful roll blinds and grommet curtains for a fabulous layered combination. On the other hand, if you prefer a traditional style more, install a panel pair with textured curtains which you can tie back to get a more symmetrical look. Finally, for homeowners who like to have a lot of natural sunlight during the day, a valance or a thin casement silk scarf is the perfect treatment pieces since they will cover only a small top portion of the frame offering a superb minimalistic design.  

As you can see, transforming your old living room into a lovely and elegant space can be a real piece of cake. Simply focus on enriching the interior with exciting colors, furniture and art pieces. Don’t forget, it’s also vital to make bold accessory choices and to incorporate your own personal touch in order to create a unique design that will satisfy your tastes.

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