Best Ways to transform any room with an area rug

A quick and easy way to give a makeover to a room is to add a beautiful handmade rug. A well-placed rug can change the overall look of any place, but it is important to choose a rug that is going to complement or enhance the beauty of your decor - do not overwhelm it. Handmade carpet and rugs are made in various designs and materials. It is an expensive item that’s why you should be clear about few factors which I am going to tell you in this article. A right carpet converts your dull room into a classic and luxurious room. A handmade carpet is the best source of comfort and warmness in a home. A handmade carpet contains all features which a home needs for creating a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere. You can buy a wool carpet, silk rug, jute area rug, cotton and woolen dhurrie, runners, square rugs and can customize your carpet in your own style. When choosing your rug, pay attention to a few things:

Shape of carpet: With a round rug, create a sense of attractiveness by adding a piece of round furniture like a table. If you place a square table on a round carpet then it will look odd. You can use a round carpet for a round dining table and for a coffee table. A square rug expresses symmetry of space by complementing the angles of a room. Pick a rug that is slightly smaller than the area covered by furniture, so it can enhance the beauty of a space without covering much space. A rectangular rug is the most suitable rug for any space. Depending on the size of a room and the layout of furniture, you can choose to keep all furniture feet on an area rug, or just keep the front feet of the furniture on a rug.

Round Carpet

Material of the carpet: Wool is one of the most popular rug material, It contains attractive texture and high durability. Layering rugs in a room - mixing pattern, texture and shape - is a popular design trend. This material rug is ideal for high traffic area and low traffic area as well. Silk Area rugs are well suited for those places, which do not have too much casual use. It means you can use it for a low traffic area because it has a very soft touch and give a shining look. It will destroy if you place it at a high traffic area. Cotton material is used for providing strength to the carpet. It is used as warp in wool carpet and in silk carpet as well. Flat-woven dhurries are also made in cotton material.

material of rug

Size of the carpet: You can complete the look of a room with large area rugs. It can protect the hardwood floor or cover an old and unattractive floor. It can provide a warmth touch and can also create a calm atmosphere in a room. In bright colors and patterns, it will provide a mix and match and a vibrant look to a décor. Neutral area rugs can create a sense of calm. A medium size rug can add an interesting touch to your room, without changing the overall look of the entire space. Add a pop of color to a room or choose an attractive pattern carpet which will reflect as a compliment with your furniture.

So, when you are going to take a rug then follow the above factors for purchasing the best rug for your home. 

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