A rug is very important in our homes but many people forget that how useful these are for homes, nowadays. Do you ever think of the soft material you walk over in your house which makes you enjoy the rest of the floor under your bare feet? Imagine that if there was no rug, then how would you feel when you are walking or sitting on a cool surface. At that moment you will realize the fact how a rug is so important for you. Different types of rugs are meant for different areas of the house. Handmade carpets are woven in a natural material and the prices of it based are on different factors like material, size, weaving technique etc. You cannot use any carpet at any place. Every carpet is designed according to a specific place. To find the main difference between an outdoor rug and indoor rug.

1) Difference between material:


A handmade carpet is woven in a natural material like pure silk, pure New Zealand wool, jute, cotton, viscose etc. If you use a silk carpet for a high traffic area, it means you are decreasing the longevity of the life of the silk carpet. On the other hand, an outdoor rug is made using tough and rough material like jute, hemp, sisal or cotton. If you want to use a handmade rug then sometimes you can use a wool area rug but make sure it is placed under a shadow. Indoor rugs are made from materials which are not as hard. Imagine a situation when you had placed a beautiful silk rug in your living room and put it in the backyard for a week. After one week, you have to buy a new rug for your living room because it definitely will be destroyed. So, for the indoor, you should take a wool rug, silk rug, and cotton rug. The outdoor rugs are designed to resist stains from soil and dirt. Unlike the indoor rugs, it is designed with a soft material which cannot afford rain or mud and can lose its value if you use it outdoor. In this condition, you will have to discard this ruined rug and replace it with a new one.

2) Difference between colors of carpet:

Handmade Carpet

As we know that a handmade carpet should be placed in shadow otherwise the color of the carpet may get faded. So, outdoor rugs contain light or pastel colors if you take it in cotton material or can take a natural color carpet in jute or hemp. For the indoor rug, you can select vibrant or soft color carpets according to your choice and interior design of your home

3) Difference between designs:

Handmade Carpet

When I talk about design, then I am talking about colors, patterns of a rug. As we know that there are complex designs in indoor rugs, designs of these rugs are woven in various colors and patterns including floral motifs, nature, plants, human motifs, wildlife etc. When it comes to an outdoor rug, these are very simple and contain simple design pattern like stripe design, plain design etc. This is because most people who buy outdoor rugs taken into account the fact how durable the rug is and how it will not get destroyed in direct sunlight.

Those are the main difference between indoor and outdoor rugs. So when you buy a rug for your home and patio, buy according to the above points and give a beautiful look to your home. 

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