World Day against Child Labour 2018 is just about to come and we are analysing that what is the actual reason of Child labor? There are more chances to find such a risk in areas which are affected by conflicts and disaster for instance houses and schools that have been destroyed. Many families lose their source to earn a living. Family and social relations break down and these are the causes to increase the risk of child labour. Child refugees, particularly those who are separated from their families, are especially vulnerable and can easily fall and convenience for child labour. June 12 is World Day against Child Labor. It is a day to reflect on the 168 million children who work instead of going to school due to their poor situations and 5 million of them are engaged in hazardous jobs. All children have the right to be protected from child labor.

Facts about how there is child labor in the carpet industry:

Child Labor Day

In the year 2009-10, this study was based on the child labor and children who were working in the production process of export oriental handmade carpet industry in India. This study included information right from material supply to carpet production and finishing. This study follows international standards by considering all persons younger than 18 years of age to be children. The methodology included preliminary qualitative research, development of a national sampling frame, and a large-scale cross-sectional sample survey of factory-based and household based production. It has been estimated in the survey that there were 7,449 factories and 128,268 households in India's Carpet Industry, in which 273,866 workers of usual workers were employed, out of which 13,131 (4.8 per cent) were children. These estimates according to the industry and number of working children were much less than before. Nowadays, carpet industry is 100% against to the child labor.

How Rugs and Beyond is involved in stopping child labour:

child Labor Day

Rugs and Beyond is the best carpet store online. They have beautiful collection of handmade area rugs. Rugs and Beyond works with a network of 5,000 weavers including 3000 women and takes responsibility to bind them all with a common thread of love and compassion. There is not any possibility for a child to work. Rugs and Beyond provides opportunities to weavers for growth and development. Rugs and Beyond concentrates on pursuing unemployed and unskilled weavers living in rural villages and provide training in the craft of rug weaving. Once a weaver is an expert into a working artisan, she / he gets an opportunity to work with Rugs and Beyond. After that they have earned economic independence, working from home and are engaged in motivating and supporting their children to complete their formal education.

Rugs and Beyond also donates the ¼ part of their income to support child foundation for their studies. They also provide training and seminar for the youngsters who want to learn the craftsmanship.

Rugs and Beyond treats their weavers as not an employee but as a family and take good care of their weavers children while empowering local artisans through various programs and modulations.

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