Adding a handmade oriental carpet into a room is a quick way to change the look of your space. A handmade Oriental rug is an only way to add vibrancy and multi colors to space. There are some facts which make it outstanding from other decorative accents. A handmade Oriental rug relates to the traditional interior. If you want to change the look of your home last minute then simply place a beautiful oriental Indian carpet into your home. Indian Oriental rug is known for its intricate design pattern and beautiful motifs on the ground of the carpet.

Oriental handmade carpet is woven in pure natural material (most of the time in New Zealand wool and pure silk with cotton). This is woven on a handloom which is the foundation of wooden beams. This is a traditional way to weave handmade area rug. For giving attractive colors to the carpet, the yarn is dyed with vegetable dye and contains fixed color. Now find the reason why oriental Handmade Carpets are timeless and classic for any Home Decor?

 oriental rug

1) Suitable for adding texture:

Handmade Oriental rugs contain vibrant multi-colors in a single carpet. It is mostly woven in tiny floral pattern. A handmade Oriental rug easily blends with any colored furniture and curtains due to the multi color. But if you don’t have a carpet and want to buy it then before purchasing it from a store or online, you should know about the color and texture to your home. After that, you can take a beautiful area rug for your room.

2) Take less time to place:

Handmade carpet takes very less time to install. If you want to paint your room wall then it takes minimum 2-3 hours, if you want to replace your furniture or want to add any DIY products then it also takes a lot of times. For changing the floor like if you want to install wooden or marble floor then it takes around 4-7 days but handmade carpet is a thing which you can install within 5 minutes. Remove your furniture, clean your floor and place your carpet.

oriental rug

3) Easy Removal:

You cannot remove marble floor on daily basis but handmade carpet is a thing which you can remove from your floor, clean it outside and can again place at the position. It takes less than 15 minutes to complete this task.  

4) 100% Hand-washable and highly durable:

Oriental Carpet is woven on a handloom with hand-knotted technique. In this technique, weavers weave a carpet using knots to knots. This is an inter-weaving process and that’s why oriental handmade area rug is highly durable. You can use it from one generation to another generation. This is woven in pure natural material with super quality of cotton. These carpets are 100% hand-washable. You can clean hand-knotted wool Oriental rug using long hair brush and detergent but for the silk area rug, we suggest you for the professional cleaning.

oriental rug

5) Best for the classic look:

Handmade Oriental rugs contain very traditional design pattern which has been originated from Persia, Afghanistan, and India etc. These designs have been inspired with lifestyle of ancient people, wildlife, and war of kings and on nature. So if you want to give a traditional and classic look to your space then a handmade oriental rug is the best option for you.


The above features have been proved that there is no better option than a handmade oriental carpet and this is the only a way to decorate a home last minute. So buy an Oriental rug, place it in your home and find the compliments regarding your lifestyle and home décor.

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