This is spring and Easter is just about to come. So you definitely want to decorate your home with new ideas. For providing a beautiful look to a home, we are back with new ideas. Follow these below ideas and give a gorgeous look to your décor:

Decorate with pastel Color Carpet:

Handmade rugs are the best thing to decorate a floor. If you want to decorate your home for Easter then pastel color carpet is the best carpet. You can find handmade carpets and Rugs online also. 

Decorate with Easter egg: 

When we think to decorate our home in Easter way, it’s mainly related to eggs. This is especially in the dining room area. There are so many small things which you can add to your dining room. Decorating with Easter eggs is a fun activity that you can do with kids. There are a lot of ways to make the eggs colorful without sticking to a traditional kit. If you use eggs, always prefer boiled eggs. So put some water in a pan and leave it for boiling. Leave the eggs in pan about for fifteen minutes. Especially the part which you want to color should cover by water. After fifteen minutes, you can dye the eggs. For dying the eggs, you can use a container. Fill the container with 1 cup of water and one teaspoon of white vintage and 3 or 4 drops of color which you want to use. You can use a different container for a different color. Leave eggs in color solution for 5 minutes. You can paint any design you want. You can leave it in one color, paint geometrical patterns and shapes, or turn the egg into a cute animal- like a bird, stars, flower etc. Let it dry before painting the other half to avoid smearing the paint.

Display Easter pictures:

Use an adorable Easter bunny sticker to make your everyday family photos up for a beautiful and creative Easter decoration. Just touch the ears and mouth made in front of the glass of your favorite paintings. For a little extra fun, tell the children that Easter Bunny did it. You can also use some mobile app and click your photos in Eater way. Take printouts of those photos and add it to your wall or put it on the table in Living Area.

Use Hanging Egg:

A bundle of pastel Easter eggs works as a festive decoration for your front door. Wrap plastic foam egg shapes (available on craft supply stores) with crepe paper, and attach the ends with glue or a small straight pin. Add the yellow ribbon, which is safe with small pins directly, and leave a long end to bind. Collect eggs in different lengths and tie the ribbons together. Finish with a beautiful bow, and hang the decoration with a removable adhesive hook or floral hanger.

Spring Wreath:

Celebrate the season with a handmade Easter wreath that showcases the beauty of spring flowers. Fill your wreath with an assortment of small flowering plants like violas and pansies. Display this spring wreath on your front door or fence. If you want then you can also add some decorative Easter egg into your spring wreath. This will give a unique look to your entryway and clearly will represent that this is spring and Easter time.


Follow the above ideas and give an outstanding look to your home interiors.

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