Carpet is one of the easiest and most versatile items to decorate a home. Whether you want to decorate an area quickly and tastefully or make a focal point in a room, you can use a beautiful handmade area rug. Area rug is a necessary accessory for all season. This is the season when you should change the look of your home by adding and removing some accessories such as cooler and handmade carpet. This is the time to remove the things which you can use only in winter and add some cozy touch to your room. A handmade carpet is an expensive accessory but will prove hundred times more beneficial than other accessories. I am going to tell you that what is the importance of handmade oriental carpets and how you can use this.

Italian Flooring is made using marbles and tiles or we can say that in Italy, marble tiles are also called as Italian flooring. Italian flooring is very slipping and cold. It is also very expensive. For protecting your marble flooring and providing safety to it handmade carpet is very important. See below-

Give a luxurious look: -

As we know that a handmade carpet is known for its intricate design pattern and beautiful colors. It gives a royal and rich look to a room. A rug actually creates a room. Many people buy machine-made carpet for the room decoration. If a machine made carpet makes a room, then you better make it special using a magnificent handmade carpet. So it has to be something you love and want to see for a long time and something you love to talk about because it will be sure to catch people's eye. 

Provide Safety in your home: -

A handmade carpet adds safety to your room. For example, if kids have fallen down from a bed then he may be injured but if you placed a handmade carpet then you can stop this type of incident. Your baby can play safely on it. You can add a long runner on the staircase. There are so many incidents which occur due to slip on stairs. So you can solve this problem by using a handmade carpet. If you have a pet then you have to take a handmade carpet and place it on your floor. So that in this winter, your loving pet can relax on it. 

Add a cosy touch: -

This is spring and summer is just about to come so you have to prepare for this season. In these days you don’t want to put your feet on a hot floor. Carpet is not a thing which will destroy or loss the beauty itself in few days. For adding warmth and coziness to a room you can use a handmade area rug on your floor. If you have a kid and have Italian floor then this is a very important accent for you. 

For combining the rooms: -

An area rug not only decorates a room but also separate two rooms which are openly connected as well as make it in the same style. A handmade carpet combines all accents together. So you can establish a relationship between furniture's, walls and particular spaces. A handmade area rug adds creativity and designs in vibrant colors. 

Absorbs Sound: -

Wall hanging carpet prevents cold air which comes from the outsides and also able to reduce sound wave journeys inside a room.

These above features are the main features which a handmade carpet contains. So a handmade carpet is a work as the same role like a heart in a human body.

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