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Kilims are flat woven rugs that neither have knots nor pile. Traditional kilims are seen with distinct features like brightly colored yarn with lovely floral themes and geometrical patterns. Such odd-sized rugs are perfect for high traffic areas and suitable for low maintenance. Turkish Kilims and Indian Kilims are a popular choice today's contemporary home decor and Rugs and Beyond offers hanmdade Kilims at Cheap Prices

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Maroon Needle Kilims
3'.5 x 6'.2 ft / 106cm x 189cm
Needle Work Kilims
3'.3 x 5'.6 ft / 100cm x 170cm
Kilim Barj
3'.8 X 5'.2 ft / 116cm x 158cm
Semi Bokhara Kilim
5'.2 x 6'.6 ft / 158cm x 201cm
Kilim Jour
3'.8 x 4.6 ft / 115cm x 140cm
Aubrun Barjesta Kilim
5'.1 x 6'.6 ft / 155cm x 201cm
Piped Kilim Piped Kilim Handmade Carpet
4'.10 x 6'.1 ft / 147cm x 185cm
Medallion barjesta
3'.6 x 3'.11 ft / 109cm x 95cm
Needle kilim Needle Kilim Area Rug
5'.6 x 5'.11 ft / 166cm x 181cm
Kilim Noir
4'.5 x 4'.6 ft / 137cm x 140cm

Out of stock

Faded Barjesta
4'.6 x 5'.9 ft / 140cm x 179cm
kilim cauc barjesta Kilim Cauc Barjesta Area Rug
4'.3 x 4'.7 ft / 130cm x 140cm
Geo Needle Work Geo Needle Work Kilim Carpet
3'.9 x 6 ft / 115cm x 184cm
Triple Barjesta Triple Barjesta Kilim Rug
3'.9 x 6'.6 ft / 115cm x 200cm
Motif Barjesta
5'.1 x 5'.10 ft / 155cm x 155cm
Barjesta Dual
3'.5 x 3'.11 ft / 106cm x 95cm
Barjesta Diamond Barjesta Diamond Kilim Area Rug
4'.8 x 6'.1 ft / 145cm x 185cm
Geo Cherry Killim
5'.0 x 6'.1 ft / 152cm x 186cm

Items 37 to 54 of 56 total

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Explore an unbelievable range of Turkish kilims online along with Afghan kilims online at Rugs and Beyond with free shipping worldwide. Antique and vintage kilim rugs for sale in latest designs and patterns. Large kilim rugs and patchwork kilim rugs and carpets are a perfect fit for today's modern and contemporary home decor. Design your living space in a beautiful way using vintage rugs online and make your space look like brand new. Place overdyed Turkish vintage rugs in different colors and patterns and decorate your living space around it. Buy Kilims online at fair prices from online rug seller of one of a kind kilim rugs and carpets. Read about how to decorate home with Afghan and Turkish Kilims. Infuse your home with all things cultural with this One of a kind handmade kilim rugs and carpets at Rugs and beyond.

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