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Woolen Indian

Woolen Indian

Handmade Wool Area Rugs Collection

The Indian woolen carpets are inspired by the classical Persian motifs transformed to the most contemporary style and have become the most cherished products in home d├ęcor. Superior quality woolen rugs are made in blended wool- mix of imported and best grade Indian wool. However, popular woolen rugs and carpets are handwoven in New Zealand wool and are best for today's interior design and home decor due to its high durability

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Dual Laal Heera Dual Laal Heera Area Rug
9'.9 x 13'.3 ft / 302cm x 405cm
Rouge Patakha Kashan Rouge Patakha Kashan Area Rug
8'.2 x 10'.10 ft / 250cm x 332cm

Out of stock

Rouge Jewel Kashan Rouge Jewel Kashan Woolen Carpet
9'.6 x 13'.4 ft / 291cm x 407cm
Heera Kashan Main Image Heera Kashan Woolen Rug
5'.10 x 8'.11 ft / 155cm x 247cm
Persian Medallion Persian Medallion Handmade Area Rug
8'.3 x 11'.9 ft / 250cm x 358cm
Neel GumbKash Wollen Area Rug Neel GumbKash Wollen Area Rug
11'.8 x 17'.11 ft / 355cm x 547cm
Kashmir Kali Kashmir Kali Rug
8' x 11'.3 ft / 244cm x 343cm

Regular Price: $3,198.00

Special Price $3,059.00

Gulab Chakra Patti Gulab Chakra Patti Area Rug
5'.9 x 9'.6 ft / 180cm x 292cm

Out of stock

Zever Kashan Zever Kashan Woolen Area Rug
9'.0 x 12'.0 ft / 272cm x 364cm

Regular Price: $3,999.00

Special Price $3,655.00

Jaali-e-Bokhara Jaali-e-Bokhara Carpet
7'.10 x 9'.7 ft / 239cm x 293cm
Ivory Phool Bagh Ivory Phool Bagh Area Rug
7'.11 x 9'.10 ft / 243cm x 302cm
Mesched Chakra Wool Rug Mesched Chakra Carpet
8'.10 x 12'.5 ft / 270cm x 375cm

Regular Price: $4,122.00

Special Price $3,807.00

Neel Bagh Kashan Neel Bagh Kashan Area Rug
9'.3 x 13'.4 ft / 282cm x 406cm
Laal Heera Patti Laal Heera Patti Area Rug
9'.1 x 13'.2 ft / 277cm x 402cm

Out of stock

Rouge Bagh Rouge Bagh Carpet
9'.11 x 13'.3 ft / 302cm x 403cm

Regular Price: $5,744.00

Special Price $4,706.00

Jaali Fleur Kashan Jaali Fleur Kashan Carpet
8'.1 x 11'.4 ft / 248cm x 346cm
Santri Medallion Santri Medallion Carpet
8'.3 x 10'.3 ft / 252cm x 314cm

Items 1 to 18 of 97 total

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Amplify your home interiors and home decor using handmade wool rugs in oriental designs and patterns. Traditional wool area rugs are known for their tenacity and are highly durable. Decorate your home with wool carpets and traditional, classic area rugs, handmade in India. Explore an expansive range of Indian Carpets online and shop from the best at Rugs and Beyond with free shipping worldwide. Wool Area Rugs are perfect for living room and dining room due to its detailed pattern and the Material of New Zealand. Gift your loved ones a handmade area woolen rug, something that they shall cherish for a long time and pass it on from generations to come all together. Shop online Area woolen Indian handmade Rugs and Carpets at best prices and the best quality ever. Enhance the interiors of your space with designer handmade area woolen rugs and carpets from Rugs and Beyond.

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