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Durries are flat weave rugs handmade in wool or cotton. Such floor covering are inexpensive and are most suitable for high traffic areas and are easy to maintain at the same time. Most of the durries are made in geometrical or floral design patterns. Some dhurries are made in cotton and some in wool. Durries are ideal for a decorating a space with the contemporary home decor. Dhurries are most important if we are going to decorate our home.

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Zig Zag Motif Zig Zag Motif Modern Woolen Durry
3'.10 x 5'.9 ft / 118cm x 176cm

Regular Price: $399.00

Special Price $299.00

Main Image Floral Diamond Denim Recycling Dhurrie
4'.7 x 6'.9 ft / 140cm x 205cm

Regular Price: $698.00

Special Price $349.00

Pastel Zanjeer Woolen Dhurrie Pastel Zanjeer Woolen Dhurrie
5'. 5 x 7'.5 / 164cm x 226cm
Main Image Flower Leaves Denim Jute Chindi Dhurry
4'.7 x 6'.5 ft / 140cm x 196cm

Out of stock

Downward Arrow Handmade Cotton Dhurrie Downward Arrow Handmade Cotton Dhurrie
2'.0 x 3'.0 ft / 60cm x 90cm
Diamond Stripe Flat-Woven Wool Dhurrie Diamond Stripe Flat-Woven Wool Dhurrie
7'.10 x 10' ft / 242cm x 305cm
Base Image Floral Border Woolen Dhurrie
5'.2 x 8'.3 ft / 157cm x 252cm
Navy Afrikan Cotton Durry Navy Afrikan Cotton Handmade Durry
2'.6 x 3'.11 ft / 79cm X 95cm

Regular Price: $350.00

Special Price $230.00

Out of stock

Base Image Eclectic Motif Blue Woolen Durry
5'.0 x 8'.0 ft / 150cm x 240cm

Out of stock

Base Image Kiddies Zone Woolen Dhurrie
5'.0 x 8'.0 ft / 150cm x 240cm

Out of stock

Base Image Blue Birdy Handmade Woolen Dhurrie
5'.6 x 7'.9 / 167cm x 235cm
Triple Effect Triple Effect Woolen Area Dhurry Rug
4'0 X 6'0 ft / 122cm x 183cm

Out of stock

Floral Passion Floral Passion Woolen Dhurrie
6'.2 X 8'.8 ft / 188cm X 269cm
Base Image Blue Passion Handmade Woolen Dhurrie
5'.7 x 7'.9 ft / 174cm x 250cm

14 Item(s)

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Durries are a perfect way to decorate your space at a reasonable price. Cotton dhurrie and woolen dhurries online are popular choices amongst today's rug enthusiasts. A cotton durry is a perfect choice for a contemporary or modern home decor. Cotton Dhurries and woolen dhurries are available in vibrant colors and the best part is that these handmade durries are reversible. Each handloom durry is inspired by classic motifs infused with modern designs. Find the best woollen and cotton dhurries online at Rugs and Beyond at discount prices and get free shipping worldwide. Indulge in an all-new collection of handmade floor covering like one of a kind dhurries online to decorate your space in the most cost-efficient manner.

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