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Rare Antique Rugs and carpets

The beauty of each carpet lies in the hands and eyes of the talented weavers. The art of Carpet Making dates back to centuries ago and Rugs and Beyond takes pride in showcasing some rug pieces that are antique and have been inspired by Old-Persian design patterns.
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Persian Mint
4'.1 x 5'.10 ft / 125cm x 155cm
Rouge Dew Kashan
3'.10 x 6'.3 ft / 95cm x 192cm
Teal Qum Main Image
2'.5 x 4'.0 ft / 76cm x 120cm
Peacock Ardabil
4' x 6'ft / 122cm x 183cm
Base Image
3'.4 X 4'7ft / 103cm X 143cm
Panel Hamadan
3'10 x 6' ft / 94cm x 183cm
Maroon Needle Kilims
3'.5 x 6'.2 ft / 106cm x 189cm
Main Image
2'.11 x 5' ft / 90cm x 152cm
Qashqai Afghan
4'.4 x 6' ft / 133cm x 200cm
Main Image
7' x 9'.7 ft / 213cm x 291cm
Main Image
4'.7 x 7'.3 ft / 140cm 220cm
Tree Of Happiness Cotton Durry
2'.4 X 4'.6ft / 73cm X 140cm

Regular Price: $200.00

Special Price $150.00

Egyptian Afghan
4.2' x 6.2' ft / 128cm x 189cm
Main Image
5'.0 x 8'.0 ft / 150cm x 242cm
Main Image
3'.10 x 6'.0 ft / 95cm x 122cm
Main Image
8'.11 x 11'.10 ft / 247cm x 338cm
Base Image
9'.0 x 12'.0 ft / 270cm X 360cm
Jaali Bokhara
4'.0 x 6'.0 ft / 120cm x 180cm
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Enter into space with One of a Kind, Antique and Vintage Rugs online at Rugs and Beyond and make your space look classy. Antique, faded, Turkish rugs found in abundance at Rugs and Beyond offering free shipping worldwide. Vintage rugs are perfect for a room with a rustic home decor and make any space appear timeless. Indulge in Rugs and Beyond's latest and rare collection of Kashmir Silk Rugs which take a long time to weave along with the evergreen Indian woolen rugs and carpets that can easily match with a traditional or contemporary home decor or interiors. Rugs and Beyond pride itself on having the latest and the rarest collection of handmade rugs and carpets online.

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