Moving can be quite stressful, which might make it extremely daunting and pressuring for new and veteran homeowners alike. Be it a move to a new apartment or an actual dream house, moving can be very hassling to anyone – especially if you don’t have a fixed plan. Luckily enough, this article will walk you through steps you can take for stress-free moving. The key here is to plan early, be diligent with our steps, and be efficient when it comes to organizing your belongings – and we assure you, you’ll get a lot of the “hassle” out of the window when you move.

Check your inventory first


Another important step in the moving process people tend to neglect is the inventory process. Just because your belongings can fit in a box doesn’t mean you don’t need to be aware of what goes in and out of your house. Regardless if you’re hiring or not hiring the internet’s “best moving company NYC,” it helps to be aware of what you’re bringing with you to your new home. Make an inventory of all the things you own, regardless if you’re bringing them with you or not. You should make a list of what you own, what they’re made of, how many of these you own, and if they need special care when packing.

Declutter and sell things you don’t want

With the inventory in mind, try to declutter and sell things you don’t want to bring with you anymore. This not only leaves a ton more space for more important stuff in your packages, but also allows you to earn a bit of extra money. You can use this extra money to hire a moving service, or even pay for the packing materials you need to buy. This also saves you some money that you can use for a good meal after you’ve finally moved, or at least help you avoid touch your savings.

Buy packing materials early on

Packing Material

With your inventory in mind, this makes it much easier for you to buy packing materials. Given what you own and what you want to bring, assess just what sorts of packing materials you need. And if you have things you want to take good care when packing, try to look for ways to secure them into a package without breaking them. This goes for glass and other fragile belongings. When buying packing materials, try to buy a bit of extra so you don’t have to take an extra trip to the hardware store if you run out.

Schedule your packing in intervals

Schedule your packing intervals

Try not to dedicate entire days for packing, as this can be very disruptive to your schedule. If possible, try to assign specific times of the day to pack specific parts of the house, or specific objects. This can be much easier with an inventory, because this allows you to take note of just what has been packed and what you might be leaving behind. And this scheduling also allows you to lessen the chances of disrupting your home routine altogether. This is important if you have pets and children with you.

Delegate tasks to everyone moving

Delegate tasks to everyone moving

You shouldn’t be the one handling packing alone. If you have a lot of people at home, try to have them pack their own things as well. Dedicate a session where you teach them how to pack things, and try to assign them to pack specific things – like their own rooms and other parts of the house. This speeds up the packing process a lot and can help you avoid delays.

Don’t forget to rely on professionals

A common problem some movers face when planning their move is they try to do everything at once. You can definitely meet a lot of bumps in this process – as moving your things on your own leaves a lot of room for error. Why not hire movers NYC, or movers specific to your location, so you can be sure professionals with training and experience are the ones handling your belongings.

Moving Made Quick and Easy

With the above in mind, it helps to have a clear plan in mind and have a strict schedule to make sure things go as smooth as possible. The earlier you plan and the more organized you stay throughout the process, the less chances there are of things messing up. Remember, there’s no one “surefire” way of stress-free moving, and the best way you can achieve this is through good planning, as well as quick and efficient execution. Happy moving!

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