Handmade rugs have magic power because it can change the entire look within a second. If can add vibrant colors, security, coziness, warmth touch, pattern, texture together. A handmade area rug is the first and most important home décor accessory for a home. There are more than a thousand varieties are available in the market because most of the countries are making beautiful rugs and carpets according to the culture. Carpets and rugs are also known as the name of religion or country like Indian carpets from India, Persian carpets from Persia, etc. Before buying a rug and carpet, first, consider the all accessories which you have at that time and see that those are in modern style or in traditional because you will not change all existing things according to the carpet and a carpet is not like a t-shirt which you can buy anytime. Buying a rug means spending a lot of money. This is a highly durable product which you can use from one generation to another generation. So, clear all confusion before shopping a rug. I am going to tell you about some tips which you can follow before buying a rug and for finding a perfect rug for your home.

Rug for a living room:

living room rug

Living room is just like the heart of a home because it is a place where you attend guest, spend time with them, do parties, etc. This is a place where you can show your creativity and choice to others. So, it should be well decorated and for this purpose, you will need a perfect size handmade area rug. You can shop a rug according to the style like if you want to put your all furniture on the carpet then shop large area rug. It will also help you to reflect your room as bigger. If you use a small carpet then your room will look smaller than before. If you want to put an only first leg of furniture on the rug then shop a medium size carpet. For placing only table on the carpet you can shop small carpets.

A handmade wool area rug is the best material carpet and if you have a pet then this will 100% perfect for you. If your living room is a less traffic area then you can put a silk area rug too.

Rug for a Bedroom:

Bedroom Rug

If you want to put a rug in the children room and want to put more than one bed then shop a large area rug so than you can cover the entire space. For putting the third part of bed on the carpet, shop a medium size carpet or 6x9 ft. size rug. You can also shop runners for putting beside bed.

If you want to buy a rug for wall hanging then choose from silk rug collection and for giving a rustic look you can take Afghan or kilim rug and carpets.

Carpet for a Dining room:

Dining Room Rug

For the dining room, cotton flat-woven dhurrie, wool carpet or a jute rug are the best options from which you can select one. Shop an 8 x 10 ft. rug if you have a large family. For three-four members, you can take a medium size rug. 

So, measure the exact size of space where you want to put your rug and after that visit online carpet store for beautiful rugs and carpets.

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