Moving to a new place can be equally exciting and stressful! There are so many things to handle concerning your apartment, plus you have to go to work and keep appearances at social events, so it’s not a surprise many people find themselves totally confused when moving. But, don’t worry. Check out this little guide that will get you into your new apartment in no time.

Keep in touch with your new landlord

If you’re renting, keep your new landlord posted about your moving-in dates. Your old landlord with also like to go through a move-out checklist with you and specify when to return your keys. When you handle everything in your old apartment, it’s time to set up a move-in date and enquire about new keys, parking (especially with a moving truck) and service elevators. Make sure to make a good deal about paying rent. If you need to pay rent online, set up your accounts.

Set up your utilities

Check your lease and you’ll see which utilities are your responsibility. In many instances, landlords cover water and trash, but you’ll need to set up your own gas, electricity, cable and internet.

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The easiest way to set all of these up at once is to find a company that handles all utilities. You just log in, add your address and the software gives you a variety of providers to choose from. Add providers and rates you like to your cart and that’s it!

Rent a moving vehicle

Unless you’re an extreme minimalist, you’ll need a good moving vehicle for all your belongings. The easiest way to move is to rent a moving truck. Companies that offer practical and cheap car rental will also rent bigger vehicles like vans, utes and trucks, so you can pick something that fits your needs and move your things quickly and easily. Just make sure to book your desired vehicle on time so that you don’t end up without wheels!

Clean and Decorate the place

A day before you move your furniture and belongings inside, do embark on a little cleaning journey. Typically, landlords and previous owners leave the apartment very clean, but it’s smart to go over everything one more time. You never know for how long was the place empty and who used to live there before you. If you hate cleaning or if you want to ensure everything is in top shape, you can even call professionals to handle everything.

Once your apartment is clean, its time to decorate the space. Professional Interior designers always suggest to start decorating any space using a fine handmade carpet. One can choose from Silk Rugs to Modern rugs in various designs, whatever best goes with the place. After that, its easier to pick other home decor items like couches, tables, lamps etc. 

Change your address

This is an easy one. Contact your postal service, enter your new address (select whether it’s a permanent or temporary address) and select a forward date or your move-in date. Also, update your address with your bank, at your medical offices and change your subscriptions. All your friends and family should also be informed of your new address.

Ensure your safety

It’s a great idea to consider your safety, no matter if you’re an owner of the property or just a tenant. Make sure to have enough keys so you never risk being locked out, but you can also consider changing the locks to ensure no one else can enter your property. Additionally, check all smoke detectors and other alarms. This is not only smart when it comes to safety, but it will also prevent annoying chirping!

Research your neighborhood

If you don’t know your new neighborhood, make sure to get acquainted with all the facilities in your area. It’s important to know where convenience stores are located, as well as gyms, bars and restaurants. Checking out public transport connections is also smart—this will come in handy eventually.

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Get renters insurance

It’s very smart to have renters insurance. In many cases, landlords require it in their lease, but even if they don’t, get it just to be safe. This type of insurance protects you from thefts, fire, water damage and many other unpredictable issues. Usually, monthly costs are quite low, sometimes even as low as $10! If you already have renters insurance, make sure to update your new address and see whether there are some price changes and special deals.

If you keep in mind all of these moving tips, you’ll actually enjoy the entire process and look forward to your new life. No matter if you’re an owner or a tenant, your new place will certainly serve you well and provide you with many amazing memories.

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