Matching interior design colors and patterns contribute to creating breathtaking rooms. Every homeowner endeavors to achieve harmony in interior design in his property. After all, the space we live in has a substantial impact on our emotions and mood. Well-balanced interior design provides our home with high functionality and beautiful visual appeal. Creating harmonious rooms inevitably includes taking a few essential elements such as texture, pattern, light, and colors into account. By playing with these elements and combining them wisely, you can create elegant and stylish rooms which will suit persons of different tastes.

Floors are a foundation to all styles and determine the overall mood in the room. Neutral contribute to the relaxed atmosphere, while the dark wood creates a cozy feeling. Dark hard floors can „cool“ the atmosphere of your home and radiate with elegance.

Walls complete the look of your space. They can be perceived as large canvases on which you can put various wall decors and paint to achieve the look you want.  A room lacking decor will feel incomplete and lack texture which can result in a spiritless design. Therefore, wall decor creates a more vibrant living space that shows your personality.

wall color

Considering floors and walls is important.  There are two main ways how you can visually pair them and harmonize your property.

1.    Colors

The exterior color design of your home is important since it is what makes your house stand out. Crucial components of the exterior design are the roof and facade which can be painted in a contrasting or monochromatic way. Same goes for the interior design of your home.

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Combining bright walls with dark brown floor color will create bold and compelling living space so don't hesitate to follow a contrasting interior design trend.  However, while contrasts seem elegant, for some it can be too preeminent.

The monochromatic trend includes pairing different tones of the same color with a neutral color. This type of color matching will create a romantic and relaxing feel of your property. Monochromatic approach blends modern interior design with classical which will result in harmony and attract natural light into space.

2.    Wall art

Apart from color, wall art has the power to completely transform space and give it a note of your taste. Wall decor is where you can let your identity show and incorporate it into your property. Matching style of wall decor and floors will produce unity in interior design.

A) Sculptures

Arranging sculptures on your walls will add a 3-d effect and dynamic to your living space. Sculptures are optimal decor since they can come in various styles and colors so you can match them with your floors. For rich and warm colored floors pick golden, yellow or copper sculptures while black floors will match ideally with silver ones.

B) Wall hanging

Those seeking for a way to brighten up their space should consider bright wall hangings. Wall hangings can add color and pattern to your home irrelevant of what type of flooring you have. You can add beautiful handmade silk carpet which has design including animals or symbols and flower motifs, be in particular shape or they can simply have a unique pattern to add texture to your home.

C) Plaster panelling

Plaster paneling allows you to add dynamic and texture without using a single frame. Walls are covered with rigid components, so it isn't necessary to add any color. Paneling belongs to a minimalistic type of interior design and fits amazingly to dark bold floors.

D) Tapestries


One of the most powerful ways how you can improve your living space and add liveliness is using tapestry for decor. High-quality tapestry can completely turn around the mood of your space. Thick rugs hanging on blank walls can represent a focal point and look impressive. Choose from a variety of colors to match your floors, symbols you prefer and materials that fit the overall style of your home. Tapestry can have a significant impact on your mood, for instance, blue can have a tranquilizing effect. It's a powerful wall decor that can ideally match with your flooring and create unity in design. 

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