Top 5 Spring Cleaning 2021 Tips and Tricks

It's never too early to start with your spring cleaning if you want to transform your home into a perfect bright and cozy comfort place. Especially as we learn to adapt to the post-COVID-19 world, the importance of health, hygiene and cleanliness are being realized once more, if it has taken a backseat for you. Just imagine the kind of home you would want for your loved ones and family, especially if there are members prone to allergy? A thorough clean-up seems so much more important now, right?

But understanding the importance of cleanliness alone is not enough, you need to know where to begin with. We have you covered here with five tried and tested tips that will help you thoroughly clean up your space without too much effort.

5 Fabulous Spring-Cleaning tips

Start with a vision of what your result should be and you are good to go if you implement the following tips effectively.

1) Schedule and De-clutter

Nothing works better than having an organized goal before you start work. Determine a schedule for the clean-up and set it as a priority. Trying to get the clean up done part by part in-between your daily routine will not suffice.

Next, sort out everything that needs to be stowed away, donated, or just thrown out. Remove them promptly before you proceed with the actual clean-up. You will be surprised by the difference it makes and the time and energy you can save with this simple step.

2) Avoiding chemicals and toxins

Choose your tools, and cleaners carefully. Avoid anything which has controversial ingredients or may have a strong odour. A greener way to clean your home improves the air quality inside the house and your family will thank you for your choice.

3) Quality equipment

Invest in good cleaning equipment like a HEPA vacuum or steam cleaners. They are investments that can last a lifetime and ensure you have absolute control over the house’s hygiene. Especially when you have allergic members in the house, a HEPA vacuum is very useful to remove every bit of dust and particles which can aggravate such conditions. Good quality vacuum cleaners are also helpful for the smooth cleaning of your rugs and carpets. Since carpets are an investment, it is advisable to take proper care of them.

4) Pay attention to the kitchen and bathrooms

These are the areas that are likely to accumulate maximum dirt and grime in the house other than your porch. Hence, do not shy away from paying some extra attention to them. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Start with wiping all the cabinets and cupboards.

  • Declutter your refrigerator of any old and stale items lying around.

  • Clean the trays and pans of the oven thoroughly so that charred sauces or bits of food are thoroughly removed.

  • Pay extra attention to the corners of your bathroom tiles, glass enclosure hinges, watermarks on the panes. Look out for moulds and fungus growth.

5) Don’t ignore the décor

The clean-up remains incomplete without the finishing touch that is upgrading the décor. It can be as simple as getting some new cushion covers in a vibrant spring colour or changing the area rugs to something lighter and more suitable for the warmer weather. These changes can lift the entire look of your room, adding to its aesthetics and clarity. Moreover, if your Silk or wool Carpets needs to be cleaned, give it to a professional cleaner for the same. Rugs and Beyond advises not to give your expensive carpet to a Dry cleaner who will only ruin it further due to harsh chemicals. 

To conclude it would be right to say that Spring cleaning in 2021 is no longer just about dusting and shifting clutters here to there. With so much time being spent indoors, it has a lot to do with your mental health as well, making it all the more necessary.