Many a times, one is often bewildered by a number of questions prior to making that big purchase of a handmade rug. Firstly, one wonders if the rug should be placed as the cynosure of every eye and spread as a feature rug. On the other hand, often people are of the notion that it is better to sideline the carpet and instead highlight the rest of the décor around it. There are top three reasons as to why a handmade carpet should be the center of attention in any given space:

1) Easy to Match rest of the Décor

Handmade Rug

It is much easier to match the rest of the interiors of any given space, if the rug is placed as a feature item in a room. One can easily compliment curtains, upholstery and other decorative accents around the rug. On the other hand, if the rest of the décor is chosen first, it is hard to pick a rug that matches or is in close proximity with the rest of the interior.

2) Makes the Investment Worth it

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Buying a rug is certainly not like buying everyday groceries. It is one of those priceless things that one buys seldom and that can be passed on for generations to come altogether. It is ideal to place the desired rug as the feature rug since one will not be replacing the rug on a regular basis as opposed to the rest of the décor that can be replaced from time to time. Hence, it is advisable to spread the rug as a feature rug and ensure that the purchase is worth the investment.

3) Enhances the Beauty of the Space

Lastly, placing the carpet as the main attraction not only provides warmth and comfort to any given space but also enhances the beauty of the space. A rug should always be placed as the featured item in any given space in order to provide ultimate sophistication to one’s home.

4)   Add’s Warmth to a Place

You surely don’t want to put your feet on the ground on a cold, wintery morning. Having a nice, good quality rug under feet surely provides that warmth and comfort. It feels soft and also adds to the overall look of the space. Additionally, when the whole family is sitting and watching TV, you surely don’t want to sit in a room on a bare floor. Sitting on a lovely handmade rug provides closeness in a family and makes the room look cozy as well.

Hence, why budget and cut out on not buying a good quality handmade rug, when it shall provide warmth, comfort to a space and also spruce up the interiors of the overall look of the area. However, it is important to determine several factors prior to buying a carpet which are the number of knots, design, size, origin, color combination, price etc. And now that you have decided upon one, its time to enjoy that comfort with your loved ones.