Now that you have already bought an area rug, its about time to decide the placement of such carpets. It would be awkward to simply place a carpet, just about anywhere. Whether it is an area rug, a runner rug or even a kitchen rug, the placement is really important and one must know where to place these beautiful carpets.

One is often bewildered as to where to place a gorgeous rug in their house and usually feel that an area rug would occupy most of the space and cover the rest of the furniture. So what does one do? Let go off, of those hot deals and offers and keep wondering? We have the perfect recommendations for all you worrisome shoppers as to where to place these beautiful handmade carpets:

 1)   Beneath the bed

Imagine the feeling one gets if they wake up in the morning and step on a bare surface. And if it’s a white wintery month, hell hath no fury. The perfect thing would be to place a handmade rug beneath the bed and wake up to it feeling luxurious. The idea is not just to feel comfortable but also to enhance the beauty of the bare floor in the bedroom.

 2)   Wall hanging

Wall Hanging

Now, the big question is if it is more viable to place a piece of art on a bare wall, considering the whole house is already filled with it OR have a unique piece of wall hanging rug be the cynosure of every eye? Irrespective of the carpet prices, a wall hanging surely looks good. Placing a stunning rug as a wall hanging shall not only add luxe to any space it is placed in but also have the whole are stand out from the crowd. Moreover, a good quality handmade rug is certainly more durable and feasible to invest in which would last for a long period of time.

3)   Staircase

Staircase rug

Another popular placement would be to have a beautiful rug on the staircase. Many a times, one would worry if the rug would walk along whilst coming down that staircase. But fret not! “Stair Rods” are the perfect solution to keep the rug intact on the staircase, which also adds to the look of it. One if often confused as to what color should a staircase rug be? We recommend to place a light colored contemporary rug on a wooden staircase and a dark toned one if the steps are in light neutral tones.

4)   Entrance rug

Lastly, imagine having guests over on a Friday evening and walking through a bare entrance. Don’t think it’s the best solution. The perfect idea would be to either place an attractive statement rug that would compliment the rest of the décor or have a round carpet beneath a round table across the entrance. This would not just beautify the look of your entrance but also be inviting enough for guest’s altogether. Alternatively, one can also have an outdoor rug placed by the verandah.  However, a cheap carpet would defeat the purpose of having a grand entrance.

Hence, to conclude, there are a plethora of options that are available in terms of placement of these stunning carpets. The key is to be smart about it and have these lovely rugs spread in such a way that they not just add beauty to your home décor but also stand out from the rest.

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