Tips on Decorating Your Home Interiors with Antique Rugs

The use of rugs does not just stop at being placed on doors to collect dirt and dust from your precious footwear or dry your feet after having a relaxing bath. Did you know that you can actually use them to design your home interiors too? Even property management like Pedersens, know how this new trend can be put to use.

One of the magical things rugs can do, especially the antique ones, is that it can set the mood for an entire space. And even if the house already acquires a dainty piece of flooring, traditional rugs can still be used to upgrade the atmosphere and make a room look cozier and feel more welcoming. However, with that being said though, you still have to consider a few things before buying that rug from the shop or even accepting hand-me-down pieces from families, because for sure, at least one in the family is an avid fan collector and must have an incredible set of antique ones. So, read on and know some tips on how to use antique rugs as home decors.

Determine the Perfect Rug Size :

Determining the perfect rug size depends on the size of the room you wanted to decorate. If for example, you are decorating a massive size living room, go for the wall-to-wall type of rug, which means you measure the whole floor area; you cover it all up and then place all the furniture on top of the rug. But if you only have a small space living room, go for a rug that can be placed in the middle and only the center table is placed on top of it. On the other hand, in decorating the bedroom, use a rug that 2-3 ft smaller than the area of the room because by doing so, you are making the space more open giving out a relaxing mood and ambiance.

Antique Rug

Match Antique Rugs with your Home Decor :

Always remember that your antique rugs should not be the center of attraction. Instead, it should blend well with the whole home interiors. Take the bedroom rugs, for example, you should choose a design that is low-key and avoid the ones that are too bold or too colorful as it will create distractions in your sacred place of retreat. While outside in the living room, is a place where you can let go of your creative self and be adventurous as you can be with the patterns or colors. Yet, always keep in mind that rugs should not be the dominant element in a room or space you’re trying to decorate, instead, it should go along with the overall decor.

Consider Any Floor Vents :

Before finally making a decision as to which areas or places at home you wanted to accentuate with the use of rugs, make sure to survey the area first and check any floor vents or electrical wires and outlets that may cause unnecessary bumps. Not only it will make the whole look unpleasant, but it might also be hazardous due to sudden trips.

Antique Rug

Mix Up with Contemporary Design :

Using antique rugs does not leave you with just traditional kinds of home decorations. Antique rugs are best if mixed with a contemporary design because it creates a balanced mood. It blends naturally and does not overpower the other items found in the room or in a certain space. Adding up antique rugs to modern interior design gives out a more vintage effect without making it look like you tried so hard to blend it all in.

Final Thoughts :

Handmade Rugs are items that are most of the time being taken for granted because people tend to think they only bring out a very minimal effect as a home decoration piece. On the contrary, yes it may only be a small part of a whole, yet it could still manage to bring out a massive difference when mixed up properly with other decoration pieces. With the right pattern, size and design, using rugs to decorate your home could definitely go a long way. And so, next time one of your aunts offers you a piece of a traditional rug from her collection, don’t decline the offer.

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