If you value the safety of your loved ones as well as the contents of your home, you would carefully consider various methods of protecting your house. There are some improvements you can do such as changing your locks and upgrading your doors. On the other hand, you can reinforce your security by installing the latest home alarm system.

It is true that each of us has different home security needs. The great thing about security systems is that the technology allows you to modify the features and choose what level of protection you’d need. It is essential for us to understand various security technologies in order to prepare ourselves for burglary attempts and other unwanted situations.

Take a look at some tips we’ve prepared to help you decide the ideal alarm system for your home.

Determine your Priorities

In general, people install home security systems to protect three key things – their loved ones, home and possessions. In order to identify the level of security you’d need in your home, the first thing you have to do is take a security assessment. This means that you will study any security gaps present around your property, research on the criminal and disaster rates in your neighbourhood and consider what fits your family’s lifestyle. Doing so will give you a better understanding of what type of home alarm system you should get.

Study Different Home Security Options

There are several options available to you. Some of the more affordable ones offer ample security coverage. On the other hand, when you pay a little more, you get to enjoy comprehensive security features. Here are your options:

Basic Alarms with Bells-Only Feature

Generally, the most basic option you can get is an alarm system with a bells-only feature. When the alarm is triggered, you will hear noises that will alert you or a nearby neighbour. These alarming sounds notify you that an intruder is attempting to break into your home.

This type of alarm system is the suitable for typical homes. However, you should still consider the location of your home, your lifestyle and the contents of your house. If you think that your possessions need a higher level of protection, then this basic alarm system would not suffice.

Alarm Clock

Security Systems with Speech Dialler or Auto (GSM) Dialler

If you want to take a step upward in your level of security yet you do not want to spend too much, then opt for a security system with an auto (GSM) dialler or a speech dialler. With the speech dialler, you can program some numbers on the system. When activated, the alarm will send pre-recorded message alerts to the pre-programmed numbers or the keyholder. On the other hand, if the burglars cut down your phone line, then the signal wouldn’t be sent.

With a GSM alarm unit, you or other contacts in the system will be sent a text message when burglars attempt to break into your home. Unlike the speech dialler, this is not dependent on your phone line. Typically, the system can send a message to up to three numbers. It also can’t be set up with a third-party monitoring service. However, you can use a reliable SIM for your choice of network.

Security Systems with Third-Party Monitoring Service

This type of security system may be closely similar to the one with a bells-only feature. However, the major difference is that it is connected to a third-party monitoring service. When the alarm is activated, the monitoring centre will receive a signal and then confirm whether the emergency is valid. They may set up CCTV cameras around your property from which they would verify the burglary attempt.


Once they confirm that the signal they received is not a false alarm, they will immediately inform the police or the fire department (for fire emergencies). When choosing a third-party monitoring service, you have to make sure that the company is recognised by your local Police Department. The police provide the installer with a unique reference number (URN). This number can only be obtained by certified security companies and monitoring centres.

It is important to note that having a monitored system does not absolutely guarantee a response from the police. Since the police handle numerous emergencies, they would still determine if yours is a priority call. Depending on where you live, there are only a certain number of false alarms allowed in a year. If you exceed the limit, the police will revoke the URN. This would only be reconnected once you resolve the issue with the police. A handmade area rug also provide security from the rain or water on floor. It protects you from slippy floor and your expensive floor from dust. 

Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing a Home Security Company

Home security systems are essential for protecting our home, loved ones and possessions. However, you have to keep in mind that there are still a lot of dodgy security companies out there that will charge you for more than what you’re supposed to pay for. So, take a look at the list below and go through them before choosing your home security company.

1)  Do they require me to sign a contract? If so, how long am I bound to it? 

2)  Do they offer a return policy on the equipment?

3)  How much do they charge for the installation?

4)  What processes are involved in the installation? What is the turnaround time?

5)  Are there special features included in the system? Do I have to pay an extra for these features?

6)  How many years has this company been in the home security industry?

7)  Do they have a stringent screening process for employees?

8)  Where are the monitoring centres located?

9)  In the event of an emergency, how long does it take for them to respond?

10)  What are the clauses I have to know in case I decide to move?

11) Have previous customers been satisfied with their service?

12) Do they hold a certification?

Home alarm systems do not have to be expensive. If you live in a small house or you tend to move every year, then choosing a smaller, wireless alarm system would suffice. On the other hand, if you own a bigger property, getting a comprehensive security system would only be fitting. When choosing an alarm system, you always have to consider your lifestyle and your needs.

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