Sometimes, placing a rug is the easiest way to transform a room and totally change its vibe and theme. Rugs look great on hardwood, tiles, or laminate flooring. You can even lay them over a wall-to-wall carpet and it will still look good. Often, the rug is the element which gives the room a complete look and ignites the sense of coziness that can satisfy even the most exquisite taste.

However, style is not the only thing you get when choosing an area rug for your home. You get much, much more.

Rugs are Comfy: 

If there is anyone who doesn’t think that carpets are softer than hardwood surfaces and more comfortable to walk on, please raise your hand! No one? Thought so! That warm, gentle feeling of a soft carpet touching your skin can’t be replicated when walking on a hard floor. Rugs and carpets give you unquestionable softness and flexibility and will even absorb some of the pressure that you apply with your body when walking around the carpeted area, making you feel lightweight and extra comfy.

Traditional Carpet

Rugs are Warm: 

Until now,, rugs look and feel better than hardwood and tiles. What’s more, they are also warmer than their competition. Rugs have great insulating qualities, especially if a pad is placed underneath them. To gain a better understanding of just how much of a difference one rug can make, simply place one in your basement where the floor is cold and prepare to be amazed.

Rugs Help People with Allergies-

 For many years on end, we thought that carpets have a negative effect on people with allergies. However, several studies have shown that rugs and carpets are actually beneficial to allergy sufferers. We needed a professional opinion, so we contacted Go Cleaners London who provides professional carpet cleaning. This is what experts shared:

Cleaning of carpet

“Rugs are beneficial to people who suffer from allergies because they trap allergens and keep them out of the air where people can breathe them in. If you don’t have a carpet in your place and have allergy symptoms or other respiratory conditions, consider placing an area rug. It will help alleviate some of those issues and make you feel better.

Also, rugs are relatively easy to clean and store. Hard floors need almost 2 times as much cleaning than carpets and rugs. The cleaning supplies for these delicate textile floor coverings are also 7 times cheaper compared than the ones used on hard surfaces. You just need to make sure you are using the proper method for treatment depending on the fibers of your piece.”

Rugs are Quiet:

Placing an area rug will reduce the noise in the room. Woolen Carpets and rugs are quieter to walk on compared to hard floors. Another thing they do better than hard floors is absorbing sound waves. You’ve probably noticed that your room has an echo - this is because the hard floor does not absorb the sound as good as rugs do. You can test it for yourself to see what we mean.

Rugs are your Connective Element:

We are talking about spirituality here. Area rugs help ground the place and they provide the perfect environment for you to rest. According to feng shui, area rugs slow down the energy that is flowing through the house, while with hard floors, energy travels more quickly. Fast-going energy can be a source of anxiety and create a chaos all around you. Area rugs, on the other hand, slow down the energy and give that sense of calmness.

living room carpet

Also, when located at the right spot, rugs create a wonderful, intimate space. With only one piece, you can totally transform a room into your very own fortress. With rugs, you can put the accent on your furniture and make it stand out. You can easily move or reposition your piece to test a new look or theme of the room. If we look at the room without the rug, it will look like the furniture is floating around without any clear purpose. Give your furniture a purpose and get creative right now!

Rugs are Safe:

When placed under sofas, chairs, and tables, area rugs protect against unwanted furniture movement. When used with a pad underneath, rugs provide a solid, non-slippery walking surface which is essential if you have young children or retired persons in the house.

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