When it comes to Thanksgiving, the thanks should be special. There are many ways to express your love and say thanks to your loved ones. Thanksgiving is all about the celebration of happiness by preparing or cooking delicious food for guest and family, giving gifts to them, saying thanks, decorating home and so they can feel that how much they are special for you. Thanksgiving is just about to come and you don’t have much time to prepare the list of decorative items, renovating your home for impressing your guests. So, start it from today and make a list of accessories which you want to use in your home. As we know that food is the most important part of thanksgiving and you can definitely impress your guest by serving delicious food to them. So, a dining room is the most important space in a home (especially for Thanksgiving. Decorate your dining room and set up a perfect dining table for the guest. I am going to tell you that how you can decorate your dining room with a perfect setup of thanksgiving dining table.

1)   Clean your dining room: Before beginning your decorating task, you should clean your dining room. So, remove chairs, table, handmade carpet, handmade runner, a chandelier from room and clean it outside. Before putting these back, clean ceiling area, wall, and floor of room with detergent, water and scrubber. Leave it for one hour and let it dry. After that, you can put accessories. First, hang your chandelier. You can add candles or hanging lights to your chandelier for creating a romantic view. After that, place your beautiful handmade rug on the floor. If you don’t have an area rug then you can buy a carpet online and can get it within 4-5 days at your home. Decide the way of putting a rug in a room like- you want to cover the entire space or only want to put it below the table and chairs? If you like to cover the entire space then buy 8’x10 ft or 9’x12 ft carpet and for putting it in center, you can take medium size carpet but make sure it should be enough to put chairs and table on it so that if anyone will pull back chair then it should be on carpet.

2)   Use candles with Thanksgiving stickers: Candles is the common and cheapest accent but it is the most attractive way to provide a lavish look to space.  So buy thick candles with Thanksgiving stickers from the market. You can also make stickers by yourself. Take a glue and stick separate alphabet on each candle and put it on the table. Alphabet should visible when people sit on chairs for having food.

3)   Create your own centerpiece: Flowers in the middle of table will be the perfect centerpiece. Create a DIY pumpkin center piece and filled with flowers to bring some beauty from the outside garden to the dinner table. put a beautiful handmade runner on the table before placing these things. It will help to add texture and beauty to your décor.

So, decorate your home dining table using the above tips and impress your guest by serving tasty and delicious food to them.