Its festive season, there is nip in the air and we know its almost time for thanksgiving. It is also that time of the year when we certainly need to revamp the interiors of our space. With festivities and Christmas with almost a month away, its time to stash away clutter and add some exuberance to the overall look of the interiors.

People are often confused as to what kind of home accessories should they pick whilst decorating their space. They often end up spending a huge amount of money thereby burning a hole in their pocket. It is crucial to pick the right colors, size and ensure that home accessories match the rest of the décor of your space. So, how does one create that lasting impression?

1) Style your Entryway


In order to have an entrance that shall leave a lasting impression, it is important to style it in such a way that it evokes a sense of luxury and is in sync with the overall look of the space. One can either go in for something that is modern/ contemporary or a traditional entrance depending upon the overall look of the interiors of the house. Also include some pumpkins with loose scatter of straws and other decorative stuff that shall exude a festivity vibe.

2) Dress up your Dining Room

 Dining Table

This is that time of the year when the entire family re-unites and sits in unison for that big turkey meal. It would be nice to place candle stands, turkey style napkins and other decorative thanksgiving stuff to embellish the dining table. Another useful tip would be to have little surprise gifts in tiny decorative bowls of the table for each person. This would not only add an element of surprise but also enhance the overall look of the dining table.

3) Add Some Color

Featured Wall

Another big trending idea to add vibrancy to the interiors of a space is to add that splash of color. It could be in the form of a featured wall or a statement piece of art or even a beautiful handmade carpet. If one is choosing a good quality modern or traditional design rug, it is important to ensure that the overall look of the space is in accordance with the design and color of the rug. There are several factors to take into consideration while deciding on a rug or carpet. For example, it is important to know the weave, design, color combination, size, knots, density, weave etc. of the carpet prior to placing it in your living space.

4) Illuminate your Space

Lighting is everything. If a space is not well-illuminated, it would not only look dark and dingy but also defeat the purpose of other home accessories. Conceal lighting is a good way to light up the entire area, however it would be nice to have a focus light along with a chandelier in the main living area.