Thanksgiving is an important festival which is celebrated in US since 1789. Thanksgiving is a day when a person spends and enjoys his moments with his/her loved ones. One can invite their guests, relatives, friends etc. and do parties with them. One can also make their favorite foods and enjoy the same by eating it. Some people also donate foods and clothes to poor people. This day comes right before Cyber Monday and Black Friday. So many people start their shopping almost one month before. Most of them want to decorate their homes like heaven. They buy furniture, stickers, new curtains, handmade carpets, butterflies sticker etc. They also repaint their homes and rearrange their furniture. I am going to tell you how you can decorate your home in a modern way and how you can select a modern carpet for your perfect home. 

Clean your surface: - Before starting the decoration task you should remove all things from your room like furniture, ceiling fan, chandelier, curtains, handmade carpet etc. If you think that you cannot remove your furniture or if you have heavy furniture then you can move such things from wall and cover it with old clothes or with newspaper. After that, clean your ceiling area with a large broom. Clean you wall with the solution of detergent and cold water. If you think that your room wall needs repair or repaint, then you can also repaint it. Clean your surface with detergent and water. After that, wipe out water from room.

Perfect Color for the modern home: - As we know that every color has its own feature so if you want to decorate your room in a modern way then don’t use much color combination in your room. You can use maximum three colors for your wall. Paint the centre ceiling area and border with light blue color and the remaining ceiling area with silver color.  Paint your front wall with light sky blue color and make some art with hand like below image. 

Place a Modern carpet: - Modern carpets are available in so many designs and colors so you can select according to your choice. If you want to take a handmade area rug similar to the above image color theme then you can take ivory color carpet or light blue color. I mean you can select your carpet by choosing the color from your existing products.  Modern carpets are woven in pure New Zealand wool in hand knotted technique and hand tufted technique as well. But the durability of hand knotted modern carpet is higher than hand tufted carpet.

modern rug

Handmade modern area rugs contain so many designs like abstract, contemporary, stripe, plain, solid, geometrical etc. So you can select a beautiful carpet which will go well with your interior style.

When you clean your room and if you have a large area rug and want to place it in the whole room then you should place it before placing the furniture. If you want to put a small carpet which you don’t require to put below the furniture, then you can place furniture first and after that place a magnificent carpet in front of the furniture. 

Make delicious food: - On this day, people invite their guests for the dinner party and a delicious food is only a way to change a mood. So you should know that what you guest like most. There are so many ideas which is available online you can follow for making a tasty food for your special guests. 


So, use the above ideas and make your Thanksgiving more special. 

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