As we know that summer is just about to come. So everyone looks for the way to cool down at home. You can use air conditioner but AC is not a proper solution for everyone because it uses a lot of energy. So I am going to tell you some alternative ideas which is suitable for everyone without using much energy.

Choose light colored shades: Light-color shades are very effective for the room in summers. These colors reflect the heat back outside. Close south- and west-facing curtains and hanging wall carpets during the day to further reduce heat. You can also use light colors for your wall painting. These colors keep your room calm and cool. When we talk about light colors then it’s mainly about sky blue, Sea green, ivory, white, cream and light pink color. You can paint your window color in these colors also. Bamboo or tight woven curtains are other good options to reduce the heat. Hang this bamboo close to the window and pull down for heat control. This is awesome because you can see outside through the weave when you want and pull down for the sun protection when you need. Colors can be stimulating, soothing, fun, healing, and a great way to manage and regulate temperature in your home.

Light Color wall

Using Carpets and durries: - Handmade carpets and handmade dhurries are the best solutions for protecting the floor surface. It protects your feet from the heated surface. Carpets and durries are very important for them who have kids and pets. It gives soft and cozy touch when you walk, sit or lying on it. If you don’t have enough money to buy handmade carpets then you can purchase cheap area rug such as dhurries.These are the good substitute of carpet in less price range.  Especially cotton dhurries, these are best for the summer. Cotton dhurries are exclusive ones among all dhurries. These are cheaper than handmade carpets. You can find best rugs online. Handmade carpets are also absorbing the sound which is come from the outside.

Handmade cotton durrie

Use plants indoor and outdoor: - You can use climber tree in your room. Especially green and pink color plants are very popular or add some flower plants on your roof. Color your roof with white color. A white roof will help to reflect heat away from your home and keep it cool. Decorate your home by planting green trees around the home. Planting a green wall on the house or home reduces reflection and absorbs the heat.

Indoor plants

By open window at night: - Windows are not a big hole in your house. Windows are used for absorbing and reflecting the heat. Open your window at night to reflect the heat from the room and absorb the cold air which comes from outside. Make sure all doors and windows are open to keeping the air moving.

Install the other accessories-: Install the ceiling fans. This is a better way to keep your room cool. Ceiling fans are not so much expensive. If you can do then exchange your room bulb with CFL.

There are so many small things which are very useful to keep your room cool.

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