Do you need a new rug to complement your living room? Or do you want to update your bedroom by following the rug trends? You’re reading the right guide! With this article, you will no longer search for 2017’s rug trends and the guidance for each choice.


From Balkans to Iran, there are so many types of kilims that you can choose from. Kilims are generally used in the living room, where there is a lot commotion. 2017 is no exception! Kilims are a great way to grab your guest’s attention and discuss the meaning of the motifs over a cup of coffee. You will find yourselves lost in the stories of your kilim’s motifs. Besides the living room, you can use these cultural wonders in the entrance too. You will be welcomed by the unique culture of your kilim.


Source: Caucasian Abstract

One-color/ Solid

One-color rugs are perceived to be classic but uncreative. Yet, this is due to the wrong usage of a solid rug. If you choose and place it correctly, your one-color rug will be more than a simple decoration. In 2017, solid rugs are back with more eccentric colors. You probably want to know how to choose a rug that has no shape or motif. This year, the solution is in pastel, soft colors like creamy salmon pink or white mixed with turquoise. Thanks to this new trend, your new rug will complement your room’s colors.

Contemporary Rugs

Although contemporary rugs vary a lot, the first thing that comes to mind is geometric shapes. These graphic shapes are best in the bedroom where an aesthetic and cozy feeling is needed. In 2017, don’t over decorate your room, add essence to it and create harmonious color patterns right next your bed. Sometimes the rug designers go off limits and pick up a hypnotizing geometric pattern; you should definitely avoid those types of rugs although they are engaging to some point. Your bedroom should preserve calmness, and your geometric shapes should not excite you, rather, the patterns should give you a smooth satisfaction.

Erased modern

Source: Erased Transitional

Flokati Rugs

These rugs are basically made from shag wool. Perfect for guest bathroom. Adds different texture and richness to the bathroom. They are originally white, but in 2017, you can find it dyed to many colors. If you have a bathroom that lacks the color or the fun, then flokati rugs are just for you! With flokati rugs, your bathroom can be as bold as your living room. Just be careful not to choose neon colors, as the dyeing process has gone wrong over the few years. The right colors are not the brightest ones; you have to go a little matte for this year’s trend.


The zebra patterns are commonly known yet not commonly used. 2017 will be the rise of the zebra rugs! If you’re looking forward to renewing you living room with a single change, then placing a zebra rug under your coffee table is one the best choices. Not only you will create that 21st century contemporary aura, you will also surprise your guests by this perfect change!

Zebra Print

Source: Zebra Fit

Navajo Rug

It is really hard to find an original Navajo rug, but you can find similar patterns quite commonly. In 2017, the best place to decorate your modern house with Navajo rug is your kitchen. Sometimes a modern kitchen can cause artificiality in the room, which is not so appealing to the eye. This rug is a great way to make your kitchen natural as the neutral brown, white, and indigo dye are the main colors of a Navajo rug.

With these rug trends of 2017, you will add your home a new quality and uniqueness. Now that you know the stylish 2017 rug trends, all you have to do is decide which type is going to add life and originality to your room.