Creating the perfect space for your little one is no easy task. From deciding on the color scheme and theme to choosing a comfy cot – preparing the nursery for your newborn requires a lot of time and effort. Whether you’re looking for some inspiration or simply don’t know how to begin designing your nursery, we’re sure you’ll find this list of six design tricks very useful. Have a look!

Decide on the color scheme (or theme) for the nursery

The first step to picking out the right color scheme for the nursery is to consider its dimensions. Deep and rich hues are a good option for bigger rooms, while smaller ones benefit from light colors which make the room feel bigger and brighter. Colors also have a big impact on children, affecting their behavior and mood, so it would be a good idea to do some research on the color psychology and figure out which colors are the best for your nursery. If you’re having troubles deciding on the colors, try selecting a style or theme for your nursery.

Find a comfortable cot for your little one


Once you’ve figured out the theme and the color palette for your nursery, it’s time to hit the shops. Get the bulkier furniture items crossed off your to-do list first. Changing tables and rockers are easier to pick than a cot, so be sure to get those two first, and then focus on finding the most stylish baby cot there is. Take time to look at different options, see how safe and versatile they are, and whether they are convertible. Getting the furniture first will help you better visualize your nursery and see what else you need to get. 

Make sure there is enough storage  

Storage is another component that you’ll need to implement into your nursery in order to make it functional. Having enough storage in your nursery is essential for easier organizing as well as the accessibility of the clothes for your bundle of joy. Nowadays, you can get versatile furniture that can easily be converted and adjusted according to your needs. Keep things organized by adding dividers into your drawers, and think of some creative storage solutions to store your baby’s diapers and other baby items. Also, be sure to get boxes and bins where your kids can put away their toys. 

Make it cosy!


The nursery you design for your little one has to be stylish – that goes without saying. However, it also needs to be a place that is comfortable as well as soothing. A cozy rug is an effective decor element that you can use to bring a touch of warmth into your nursery, while comfy bedding made from natural materials will keep your baby sleeping soundly. Make sure that the decor pieces you choose for the nursery are from the same color palette as the rest of the nursery, ensuring you create a room that is both balanced and cohesive.

Add a nursing nook

A comfortable and stylish nursing nook is an essential part of designing a nursery that is both chic and practical. For moms who are planning on breastfeeding their babies, designing a space where you can bond with your little one for around 45 minutes is a challenge. First, select a comfortable breastfeeding chair or a sofa where you can nurse your little one in comfort. Make sure that the style of the chair you choose matches the style, the color palette, and the overall theme of your nursery. Remember that you don’t need to sacrifice comfort and practicality for style.

Create a focal point

Nursery room


Every room needs a subject – an interesting detail or item that’ll draw our attention and give us something to rest our eyes on. A feature wall can be an effective focal point, as it is the first thing you see when you enter the nursery. From paint and stickers to artwork and wallpaper – there are many ways you can create a focal point in your nursery without spending a fortune. An over-sized cabinet is a good alternative to a feature wall. Start with your main focal point and build out from there, creating a couple of smaller points of focus around your nursery.

There you have it – six small secrets for designing stylish nurseries. Use the tips above to create a place both you and your little one will love spending time in!

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